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CYCLE BOXER - Upright Bike with Boxing Pad

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Bring the gym home. The Cycle Boxer from LifeSpan is a total body fitness solution that combines pedaling and punching to give you a heart-pumping workout that conditions the body from head to toe so you can trim fat, build lean muscle and improve endurance. Plus when you download the free Cycle Boxer app, you can see stats from previous sessions and start your workout directly from your phone.


Challenging and Rewarding

  • Fun and challenging programs will keep you engaged
  • Intensity levels in both speed and resistance
  • Improve focus and coordination with randomized light targets
  • Provides both cardio and strength training

Flashing colored targets on the punch pad show you where to hit and you score points each time you correctly meet the target. You can improve hand and eye coordination and reaction time, all while sculpting muscles and increasing cardio health. It's so entertaining it doesn't even feel like exercising!


Boxing has been found to help Parkinson’s Patients. Here are some of the benefits as to why.

  • Increased strength improved hand-eye coordination
  • Better Cognitive processing
  • Relieve symptoms for soft-voice disorders
  • Improved reaction time
  • Stronger core which can lead to a better gait + agility
  • Improved posture + balance

Easy Operation

The interactive screen allows you to program workouts at the touch of a finger and also see readouts for speed, accuracy, distance, calories and more while you exercise. An easy tutorial can quickly guide you through getting started. The included chest strap can be used to track heart rate and beats per minute so you know when to speed up or slow down to achieve your desired results.

Fully Adjustable Features

Cycle Boxer was designed with you in mind from start to finish. Easily accommodates most physiques. Adjust the height of the punch pad and seat, and adjust the fore and aft position of the seat tailoring a proper punch pad connection during your workout. Specially designed gloves with flexible comfort straps protect your fists and leave your thumbs free to move around so you don't need to remove the gloves to access your phone or water bottle during your workout. Toe cages and adjustable straps keep your feet secure to the pedals.

Solid Construction

Equipped with a welded, all-steel frame, Cycle Boxer is engineered to go the rounds. A solid base keeps you balanced and in position to land direct punches while the punch pad absorbs the impact of every hit. Smooth cycling resistance is achieved through a magnetic eddy current system that will challenge your legs and core muscles. Sturdy transport wheels allow you to move it out of the way when not in use. Built with the quality and durability you have come to expect from LifeSpan, Cycle Boxer is a great addition to your home gym.



  • Transport
    2 Front mounted wheels
  • Dimensions
    43.6” L x 27” W x 63-74.5” H
  • Max. User Weight
    300 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions
    Box A: 41.3 L x 12.8 W x 31.5 H in
    Box B: 42.9 L x 15.8 W x 24.4 H in

Frame: 10 Years | Parts: 2 Years | Labor: 1 Year