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  • Movement Motivates

  • Stimulate productivity right from the first step.

Movement Motivates

Stimulate productivity right from the first step.

A Healthier Workplace is a More Productive Workplace

Whether your employees work from home, in the office, or in a hybrid system, you still need everyone to be productive. Studies have shown that office exercise equipment can provide employees with many health improvements. These include improved performance, lower absenteeism, and reduced healthcare costs. However, employees are not the only ones to benefit, organizations also reap the rewards.

By providing active workstations for the office, your company can facilitate a healthy environment while improving work performance.


No matter how your employees like to work, LifeSpan Fitness’s award-winning office treadmill desks, bike desks, and standing desks offer something for everyone. Explore how well-being and productivity benefit you and your team.


Still curious on how our line of award-winning desk exercise equipment can improve productivity and save money? Check out our Knowledge section and learn why your company needs an office workstation.

The Best Companies Partner with LifeSpan

Industry leaders incorporate our active office designs to stay a step ahead of the competition.

Humana office design


SalesForce active workspace


Ernst and Young workspace

Ernst and Young

FitBit workspace


IBM active office design


Google active workspace


Built for Businesses

LifeSpan Fitness’s line of treadmill desks, desk bikes, and standing desks are built to integrate with any office environment. With commercial-grade construction, whisper-quiet motors, ergonomic designs, and customizable options, your employees will feel comfortable and productive while staying physically active on the job.


Give your employees the options they deserve and watch them flourish as you improve your company’s bottom line. Our line of treadmill desks, office desk bikes, and standing desks offer many different ways to exercise while prioritizing a productive work environment. Explore our selection and discover the models that enrich your company culture.


Design the perfect work environment for your employees from our Spaces Collection. We’ll help you envision a new desk treadmill, stationary bike, or standing desk in your workplace. Choose from our pre-designed layouts or create your optimal new space today!

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"It’s a great perk that makes me feel better personally and physically. I love it”

Event Manager, Zillow

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