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Bike Desk

When it comes to staying active in the workplace, we all want the same thing, a simple way to get exercise while staying energized throughout the day, but what if standing and walking is too much? Add Bike Desks to the office for low-impact exercise options.

office bike desk

Exercise bikes for office desks are the latest trend in office wellness, offering users a way to achieve their fitness goals while plugging away at the office. These office bike desks come partially assembled, making it easy for employers to install them around the office. HR departments worried about workplace accidents need not fret as these office bike desks have built-in safety features that prevent injury.

For employees, an under-desk bike and standing desk combination is the ideal piece of workout equipment. Desk exercise bikes allow employees who may have difficulty standing for long periods of time a chance to be active in the office. Features such as the integrated pedal straps and adjustable seat height make it so employees are comfortable when using the bike desk.


office ready


  • Near-silent operation to minimize distractions
  • Energy efficient
  • Universal-fit bike seat can accommodate all users
spacious and customizable

Spacious and Customizable

  • Desk height adjustable from 27.5” to 50.5”
  • Choose between 38”, 48”, or 60" desktop sizes
  • Height-adjustable seat supports riders between 5'0 to 6'8"
desk bike and desk combo

Convenient Under-Desk Bike and Desk Combo

  • Easy assembly
  • Rear-mounted bike wheels make transport easy 
  • Small 27" L x 21" W footprint
comp table
Flywheel 18 lbs
Resistance Levels
Resistance Levels 16 Levels
Pedals Self-balancing, adjustable straps
Resistance System
Resistance System Magnetic-eddy current
Seat Adjustment
Seat Adjustment Height - 19 positions
Seat Molded, contoured universal-fit seat
Transport 2 Rear-mounted wheels for easy mobility
Dimensions Bike: 27" L x 21" W x 36" to 46.5" HStandard Desktop: 38"/48"/60" W x 29" D
Product Weight
Product Weight Bike: 94 lbsStandard Desk: 130 lbs
Max. User Weight
Max. User Weight 400 lbs

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