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Best Practices Guide

Workday Activities

Alternative choices for movement while working.




Deep concentration activities such as writing a proposal or reporting might best be done best while standing on a balance board or sitting on a yoga ball office chair. This gives your employee the option to add movement into their day.




Light to medium intensity activities such as participating on a conference call, reading and answering email, or making minor adjustments to spreadsheets and word-processing documents can be performed with ease while simultaneously walking or pedaling. 

It’s important to allow employees to explore adding movement to their workday in the way that is best for each individual, but for someone who has never used a standing desk or a bike or treadmill desk, there are some ways to use the equipment that are natural fits with specific workday activities, such as walking on a treadmill desk while listening in during a conference call, or pedaling while responding to an email.



Create a work culture that embraces wellness.

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