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Walking Meeting - Standing Desk and Treadmill Combination

Introduce fitness into the workplace with a Treadmill Desk Walking Meeting Space. Stay alert and motivated throughout the workday. Create an environment for high-energy conversations and problem-solving while exercising. This has never been easier than with a Walking Meeting space. 

Employees have more productive meetings when they are active and their body is engaged in physical activity. Exercise introduces more oxygen to the blood and releases hormones that increase energy and alertness. The impact physical fitness has during meetings is significant. Employees are more awake during the meetings and have the energy to contribute. Also important is that employees will be able to meet their physical fitness while using an office treadmill, leaving them more time after work to spend time with family or enjoy hobbies.

Office desk treadmills are excellent workplace additions that allow your employees to meet their fitness goals, get energized, and stay focused during meetings. This setup combines a treadmill for office use with a height-adjustable standing desk. Unlike traditional treadmills, users can control the treadmill via the panel on the desk if they wish to adjust the miles per hour or other settings. If promoting physical fitness in the workplace is part of the company culture, this is the ultimate in workplace fitness solutions.


Work Mode: Meeting, Engage

Capacity: 4 people

Minimum room size: 12' x 18'

Package Contents

Product SKU Quantity
48" Privacy Panel PS1000 4
48" Treadmill Desk TR500DT7-48 4

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