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Unity Bike Desk

Sit comfortably and improve productivity with this bike office desk. The Unity Bike is an exercise bike unlike any other, allowing your employees to stay on top of their physical activity and health goals while on the clock. Having an office bike under a desk not only improves the physical fitness of employees and combats the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, but it also causes employees to have higher levels of focus and energy. Better yet, this under-desk bike is quiet, portable, and requires no external power source, making it a convenient piece of equipment that employees can use anywhere in the office.

If you're looking for an exercise bike for your office desk, the Unity Bike Desk seamlessly combines the two parts (bike and desk) into a machine that increases productivity. With no power required, the Unity Bike Desk won't increase your overhead cost. Instead, it will increase your employee's motivation, mental, and physical health. The Unity's non-adjustable magnetic resistance is smooth and silent, allowing for pedaling forwards, backwards, or just fidgeting back and forth.

While the Unity Bike Desk is intended for offices and work-from-home spaces, the smaller Unity JR. is perfectly suited for the classroom. It has the same design as the original bike table, though it's smaller and weighs much less. Children who tend to fidget and are easily distracted can benefit significantly from using under-desk bike pedals, which can lead to fewer disruptions in the classroom. Schedule a call to learn more.

Unity Bike Desk


no power bike desk

Portable and Convenient

  • Cordless, perfect for open room configurations
  • Built-in transport wheels for moving
  • Single frame, all-in-one design
best bike desks

Comfortable and Adjustable Seating

  • Contoured ergonomic seat
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Forward-placed pedals for a natural sitting position
kinetic bike desks

Engaging for Kinetic Users

  • Reduce class disruptions
  • Increase focus and productivity
  • Decrease restlessness
office bike desks

Flexible Uses

  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Power-free operation requires no plugs

comp table
Unity Jr.
Recommended Use
Recommended Use 6 Hours Per Day 9 Hours Per Day
Desktop Surface
Desktop Surface Durable Cherry-Grain Laminate White Powder Coat
Recommended Demographic
Recommended Demographic Adult Youth
Sizing Adjustments
Sizing Adjustments 7" (11 positions)Fits Users Ranging In Heights From 5’0” to 6’6" 7" (11 positions)Fits Users Ranging In Heights From 4'6" to 5'10"
Product Weight
Product Weight 88.2 lbs. 77 lbs.
comp table
Desktop Materials
Desktop Materials 3/4" Thick HD Composite Board
Desktop Size
Desktop Size 31" W x 20" D
Pedals Oversized; Bi-Directional (Forward/Backward Pedaling)
Resistance Non-Adjustable Eddy Current Brake System
Seat Molded, Contoured Stool-Style Seat
Transport 2 Front-Mounted Wheels for Easy Mobility
Power Requirements
Power Requirements Power-free operation

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