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LifeSpan Fitness Replacement DT3 Retro Console

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Console Overview Innovative Features Intelli-StepTM – LifeSpan treadmill desks come with Intelli-Step our exclusive step counting feature that senses each time your foot lands on the walking belt and counts your step total on the display console. If you’re in the habit of counting daily steps or want to incorporate a daily or weekly step count goal this feature will provide more accurate step counting than using a smartwatch or other wearable step counting device on your wrist. Accuracy does require that the treadmill desk is able to detect your steps and will be less accurate for those who walk lightly including those individuals under a 100 pounds (45.5 KG).
Intelli-Guard™ - This unique safety feature is engaged when the treadmill belt speed reaches 1.0 mph (1.6 kph) or faster and automatically pauses the belt 20 seconds after you stop walking, ensuring that no one else steps on the treadmill desk without noticing that its already running. When Intelli-Guard senses that the treadmill is no longer being used, after 20 seconds the audible beep will first notify you that the treadmill belt is going to pause. This feature can be controlled in Personal Settings.
Replacement console for
  • TR800-GlowUp (DT3)
  • TR1000-GlowUp (DT3)
  • TR1200-GlowUp (DT3)
  • TR5000-GlowUp (DT3)

*Treadmills purchased during or before 2012 will not be compatible with DT3's now*

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joanne G.
Great products, great customer service!

I have purchased 2 treadmills and some accessories from LifeSpan Fitness, and every experience has been terrific! They make great products and stand behind them with great customer service! I have always been able to reach someone to answer questions, and each one has been successfully addressed.

I highly recommend their products and the company to anyone who is looking for high quality equipment from an organization that deserves your business.

Steven B.
Great Product, Horrible Customer Service

I have left a voice message, an email, and a request for contact through chat for support for my treadmill and have not gotten a call back in over a month. My console on my one year old treadmill failed, when I couldnt get a hold of support I bought a replacement console. It worked for a couple weeks and then failed in the same way.

I have now bought a second replacement console as it is the only way to make my treadmill work. So I am out 400 dollars and I am unsure if it will work longer then a few weeks. Really wish someone would return a call so I could try and troubleshoot if there is another issue, but I guess that would stop me from spending 200 dollars every week. Maybe that is your business model...

Hi Steven!

We are so happy you love your product and we are very sorry for the inconvenience. We are a smaller team and are working hard to get to all tickets.

I have forwarded your review to our customer service team, so they will be reaching out shortly.

Thank you for choosing LifeSpan Fitness!