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LifeSpan Wins Award for New Ampera Bike

LifeSpan Fitness won the 2023 HiP award this year at NeoCon, an annual design convention held in Chicago in June. LifeSpan showed off the first product from the new Ampera line. The Ampera Office Bike was showcased as a prototype to collect attendees' feedback.

The Ampera Bike was the recipient of the HiP Awards' Health and Wellness award under the furniture category, beating out Carolina's Stray Caregiver Support Station and LoOok Industries thru Thinkspace's Neuron Activation Pod. While the Ampera Office Bike has a sleek design that allows it to blend into any modern office, the bike's killer feature resulted in the award. The Ampera office fitness bike is unlike any other product offered by LifeSpan Fitness, with the ability to generate electricity through pedaling. Officially launching and shipping in November, the Ampera Office Bike has already been pre-sold to over 100 homes.

An Unexpected Win

The LifeSpan team had not attended a conference in some time, but the opportunity to demo products at one of the biggest design conventions in the country was too good to pass up. Though the team knew they were bringing their A-game, they didn't expect to be nominated for the Ampera, as NeoCon tends to focus more on office furniture and interior design rather than exercise equipment. So when the Ampera Office Bike was nominated for the award, the team was shocked. 

"As hybrid work becomes the norm, most professionals still find themselves at a desk with little to no physical activity throughout the day,” said LifeSpan CEO Jackie Wu. “The LifeSpan Ampera Bike allows workers to accomplish the same tasks moving as they did sitting still, while enjoying the physical and mental benefits of staying active.”

To get nominated for a HiP award was one thing, which the team was still basking in, but to win the award was another thing, considering the competition. But they won because of the Ampera's ability to, as the award show host put it, "reduce the carbon footprint by generating energy as they pedal." 

ampera bike award

Reception for the Ampera Bike

During June 10-12, LifeSpan Fitness showed off the Ampera Office Bike on the show floor of NeoCon, attracting a sizable audience that raved about the equipment. Though other LifeSpan products were available to demo, it was the Ampera that drew the biggest crowd. 

Many show attendants tried the bike and liked it, but some provided valuable feedback. Because the Ampera's design was not 100 percent nailed down yet, the team was able to take that feedback to R&D, which acted on the feedback to make several fixes to the final design of the product. 

What Makes the Ampera So Special

The Ampera Bike is capable of generating a max of 65W of energy, allowing the average user to charge their phone, laptop, or other electronic devices. Users will be able to connect any device to the power hub, which is attached to the bike via a cable. 

In addition to operating independently from any power source, which gives users a way to charge their devices without increasing their carbon footprint, LifeSpan implemented other environmentally friendly features into the bike's design. A third of the bike's components, for example, are made from fully recyclable high-impact polystyrene (HIPS), a material that consumes less energy to make and produces no toxins when recycled. 

There are additional features that make this a top-notch fitness bike. Whether employees want to move it to their office or put it in a conference room, the Ampera can be easily tucked under a standing desk. A single lever adjusts the height of the bike to accommodate users of any height, while the wide base ensures that users stay on the bike when shifting their weight. Finally, this unit has a thick padded seat that remains comfortable even after hours of biking. 

LifeSpan went above and beyond with the Ampera's functionality, but it didn't forget about form. With two available color options — Space Grey and Glacier White, both with a powder-coated finish the Ampera can fit into any office decor. The sleek, angled aesthetic and the minimal branding lend an air of modern sophistication to the exercise bike, a rarity in the fitness equipment space. 

Altogether, the Ampera Office Bike is the ultimate in modern design and fitness technology, seamlessly bridging the gap between office and gym. 

Get the Most out of the Ampera With New LifeSpan App

With the launch of the Ampera, LifeSpan is simultaneously releasing a new LifeSpan app designed to manage all LifeSpan products. LifeSpan Fit, which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, connects to devices via Bluetooth and can sync with Apple Health and Google Fit to track users' fitness data. Through the app, users of the Ampera can adjust the pedal resistance, display energy produced through pedaling, and adjust the LED mood lighting on the bike. 

When To Expect It

The Ampera bike is available, order today! Those who purchase the Ampera bike now can save 45%, which brings down the price from $999 to just $649. For workplaces looking to upgrade their office space, LifeSpan is offering bundles of five and ten Ampera bikes for $2,400 and $4,500, respectively. These deals won't last forever, though. The pre-sale ends on Oct 31, 2023, so make sure you back this project before it's too late. 

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