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Lifespan TR1000-GlowUp vs. Amazon Treadmill vs. Walking Pad

Under-desk treadmills have become a staple in the dynamic world of fitness and productivity, offering the convenience of combining exercise with work. Among the many options available, the LifeSpan TR1000-GlowUp, the WalkingPad C2, and the Sperax Walking Pad stand out for their unique features tailored to suit different needs and preferences. 

The TR1000-GlowUp boasts a quiet operation and a design that can fit under almost any desk, making it ideal for multitaskers looking to stay active while they work. On the other hand, the Sperax Walking Pad, a best-seller on Amazon, offers affordability and a compact design for those with space constraints. And the WalkingPad C2 is the most compact and portable of the bunch. 

This article delves into the detailed comparison of these two under-desk treadmills, scrutinizing aspects such as stability, durability, price, and additional features to help you determine which treadmill might be the best fit for your under-desk striding needs.

What Is the LifeSpan TR1000-GlowUp Under-Desk Treadmill? 

The TR1000-GlowUp is LifeSpan's active workstation multi-tool — it can fit under almost any desk or table. With its versatile design, convenient features, and quiet operation, this treadmill is a workhorse capable of slotting into any office or work-from-home setup. 

As an active workstation, the TR1000-GlowUp is designed for walking at a slow to medium-fast pace, which allows you to work while you move. The treadmill has smart features that track workouts and keep users safe. 

What Is the Sperax Walking Pad Under-Desk Treadmill? 

Amazon sells a lot of treadmills, and the Sperax Walking Pad is the best-selling treadmill of them all. It's got a few things going for it: price, convenience, and a low frame. The supposedly quiet treadmill has a small motor that provides just enough speed for a brisk walk. It can be wheeled away when not in use, and it can be stored under some couches. 

For the money, it's not a bad option. Still, it lacks a lot of features most users may want in a treadmill. According to users on Amazon, the treadmill does have issues, which makes sense considering how little it costs compared to similar treadmills from established brands.

What Is the WalkingPad C2

The WalkingPad C2 is a foldable mini treadmill designed for under-desk use. The mini treadmill can be folded in half crosswise to store under a bed, couch, or other small gap. While the portability of this machine exceeds that of the others on this list, it does have one big caveat. The WalkingPad C2 has a maximum user capacity of 220 pounds. The size is another problem, with the treadmill's length and width making it difficult for users with longer stride lengths to use the treadmill safely. 


With a much longer and wider frame, which equates to a larger surface area to step on, the TR1000-GlowUp is the obvious winner here. The treadmill's size allows users of varying stride lengths to walk or jog comfortably. Additionally, the treadmill's suspension contains six shock absorbers that help with stability and noise. 

Instability was one of the most common complaints with the Sperax Walking Pad, especially from taller users who tended to have longer stride lengths. According to a few reviews, the treadmill is so small some users have stepped off the treadmill accidentally, which is an accident waiting to happen. 

Similar to the Sperax Walking Pad, the WalkingPad C2 has a short frame and a narrow deck. The smaller size of the treadmill, while ideal for users of average height, may be inconvenient for taller users or those who have a longer stride length. 


With a 2-ply belt, non-slip side rails, built-in cable management, and a max weight rating of 350 pounds, the TR1000-GlowUp is by far the better choice. The treadmill's sturdy frame is the foundation. There's nothing flimsy about this. 

The Sperax Walking Pad has a steel alloy frame covered in ABS plastic, but with a lower weight limit of 320 pounds, it's not as durable — one reviewer who weighed 280 pounds said the treadmill refused to work. Also, many reviews indicate that the treadmill is prone to malfunctioning, with drifting belts and software bugs being common complaints. 

With an outer shell made from rigid ABS plastic, the WalkingPad C2 is lightweight and durable. ABS plastic is known for its ability to resist scratches and impacts, though it can wear down over time, especially if exposed to sunlight. If your working area is exposed to lots of natural light, this could potentially cause the ABS plastic to crack or fade in color. 


LifeSpan's TR1000-GlowUp retails for $1,499, though it can often be found on sale for $999. This price is higher than other under-desk treadmills, but the TR1000-GlowUp offers a lot more features for the money, and it's designed to work with a desk. The provided console, which can hook up to any desk, is the hub from which users can make adjustments and pair the treadmill to LifeSpan's Fit app via Bluetooth.  

At $300, the Sperax Walking Pad is certainly more affordable. Yet, it lacks many of the features provided by more expensive equipment. The dinky remote used to control the machine, for example, seems very lackluster. 

A $599 price tag puts the WalkingPad C2 in between the other two options. Though it has more features than the Sperax Walking Pad and is lighter and more compact than LifeSpan's treadmill, the WalkingPad C2 may be a tad rich for some. 


LifeSpan TR1000-GlowUp

Sperax Walking Pad

WalkingPad C2


58" L x 28.5" W x 7.25" H

48" L x 19.6" W x 4.6" H

56.88" L x 20.39" W x 4.92" H


2.25 HP Continuous Duty Motor

2.5 HP

1 HP

Speed Range 

0.4 - 4.0 MPH

0.6 - 3.8 MPH

0.5 - 3.72 MPH

Max User Weight

350 lbs

320 lbs


Product Weight

117 lbs

40 lbs

55 lbs 

App Compatibility 

Yes (LifeSpan Fit)


Yes (KS Fit)

Smart Console






Yes (15%)



$1,499 ($999 on sale) 

$299 ($199 on sale)

$599 ($430 on sale)


LifeSpan provides a generous warranty on the TR1000-GlowUp, which is divided into three sections. The treadmill's frame has a 10-year warranty; the parts have a two-year warranty; the labor has a one-year warranty. On top of the warranty, LifeSpan offers a three or four-year accident protection plan through Extend, which costs $129 and $159, respectively. 

There is no mention of a warranty for the Sperax Walking Pad. However, there is a two-year protection plan offered by Asurion that costs $21.99. The plan covers repairs, parts, labor, and transport. 

WalkingPad does offer a one-year warranty for its products that covers any repairs. While return shipping is paid for by the company, customers have to pay for the shipping after the initial 30 days. WalkingPad doesn't offer an additional insurance or protection plan, so users are out of luck after a year. 


Both treadmills have a low frame height and wheels, which make it easier to store. However, some reviews for the Sperax Walking Pad mentioned that it's not easy to move around. Apparently, taller users have to crouch to lift it off the ground, as it can't go up very high. 

With the ability to fold it in half and store it in any gap under six inches, the C2 treadmill is the undisputed king of portability. At 55 pounds, it's not the lightest treadmill, but it's still light enough to haul between its storage area and your workspace without breaking a sweat. 


LifeSpan wins this category by a mile. The Intelli-Guard feature can stop the treadmill when a user steps off. Other features, like the non-slip side rails, shock-absorbing suspension, and adjustable max speed — either 2.0 or 4.0 MPH — make the TR1000-GlowUp the obvious choice when it comes to safety. 

Sperax's Walking Pad doesn't offer built-in safety features besides the non-slip walking belt.

The Walking Pad C2 does stop automatically when the user dismounts, and it does have an EVA shock-cushion layer beneath the belt to absorb impact. But that's about it. 

TR1000-GlowUp vs. Sperax Walking Pad — Which Is Best?

After comparing the LifeSpan TR1000-GlowUp, the WalkingPad C2, and the Sperax Walking Pad under-desk treadmills across various parameters such as stability, durability, price, and additional features, it is evident that the TR1000-GlowUp stands out as the superior choice. It offers a robust design suitable for a wider range of users, advanced smart features for tracking and safety, and a comprehensive warranty that underscores its quality and durability. 

Despite being more expensive, the TR1000-GlowUp justifies its price with a substantial set of features and reliable performance. The Sperax Walking Pad, while budget-friendly and space-saving, falls short in aspects that are critical for long-term satisfaction and reliability. The WalkingPad C2 is also more affordable but lacks the advanced safety features and durable construction offered by LifeSpan's treadmill. Therefore, for those seeking a treadmill that integrates seamlessly with a work-from-home environment and provides a stable, durable platform for daily walking, the LifeSpan TR1000-GlowUp is the clear winner.

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