LifeSpan Isn’t Taking Its Success Sitting Down

On the heels of a record-breaking year, the Salt Lake City-based company is primed for an historic 2015. The tone coming out of the company’s headquarters, however, isn’t one solely dedicated to growth in numbers.

2014 was a fantastic year for us in a number of ways. We were incredibly inspired by the success stories we heard from our individual consumers last year, says Peter Schenk, LifeSpan’s president and CEO. But if one individual can benefit their health by walking or pedaling while working, we believe entire institutions can do so as well, he says. We’re far from satisfied and more determined than ever. We want to bring whole companies, entire universities, to a healthier place through workplace activity.

exercise while sitting down
exercise while working

LifeSpan specializes in both traditional fitness equipment and office-activity equipment. Their office line, known as Workplace, includes such products as treadmill desks and bike desks. With recent academic studies discovering pronounced physical and cognitive benefits from treadmill and bike desk usage, it can be understood why corporations, academic institutions, and government groups are anxious to investigate what LifeSpan is offering.

A global leader in office activity since 2011, it could be expected the company would rest on its laurels. Led by an ambitious slate of new developments and a hearty exhibition schedule, however, LifeSpan is taking strides towards bringing their 2015 determinations to reality. We have exciting developments coming in the next few months that will make Workplace even more compelling, says Schenk. I have no doubt we’ll continue to see healthier philosophies being adopted by these groups. From reduced healthcare costs to improved productivity and retention, the benefits are undeniable.

While particulars on the coming improvements are still forthcoming, the company is presently on the exposition trail. Bobby Krause, LifeSpan’s vice president of sales, is excited for the opportunity to discuss the benefits of Workplace with interested groups. The personal interactions are the best, he says. It doesn’t take much convincing. Once someone takes their first step on one of our treadmill desks, they realize just how easy it is to simultaneously walk, work, and benefit their health.

The next stop on LifeSpan’s tour, the NIRSA – Leaders in Collegiate Recreation show, will be to meet with academic professionals attempting to make a difference on college campuses around the nation. NIRSA allows us to speak with highly intelligent, passionate individuals, Krause says. They know from a research standpoint just how important this movement is, specifically for students and for faculty, but for everyone else as well. I can’t wait to feel their excitement and help benefit their ambitions.

In addition to NIRSA, LifeSpan presently has roughly ten additional shows on its slate. We would love to meet as many people as we can, says Krause. We wholeheartedly believe in our mission. We have no doubt this will be what benefits entire professional settings in countless ways.