Comparing LifeSpan Treadmill Desks


If you are wanting an office gym and are considering a LifeSpan treadmill desk or under-desk treadmill and want to know which model best suits you and your office environment, you've come to the right place. Check out the comparison charts below, and as always, we’re here for any questions you have. Feel free to reach us by chat, phone or email.

For a complete list of available treadmill desks, click here.

Treadmill Bases


The LifeSpan TR1000-GlowUp is our compact, space-saving option. With the shorter base, this treadmill can fit in the tightest places. Easy to slide under any standing desk, instantly converting it into a treadmill desk. Upgrades from the TR800-GlowUp include a larger motor, a 2” wider walking belt, and a low-profile design


This is our most popular treadmill base for the home and office. With upgraded components from the TR800, the TR1200 includes a larger motor and a wider walking belt. The TR1200 is perfect if you expect to do a lot of work on the walking desk or for small teams in a communal area.


The TR5000 is a workhorse designed to meet the high demands of today’s workplace. The TR5000 is our most durable treadmill designed for high-use, low-maintenance conditions such as a library or classroom.

Treadmill Comparison Chart:



Dimensions 58" L x 28.5" W x 7.25" H 63" L x 28.5" W x 7.25" H 63" L x 28.5" W x 7.25" H
Motor HP* 2.25 HP 2.25 HP 3 HP
Max Speed 4 MPH 4 MPH 4 MPH
Belt Size 20” x 45" 20" x 50" 20" x 50""
Deck 3/4" Thick 3/4" Thick 1" Thick
Incline No No No
Suspension 6 Shocks 6 Shocks 6 Shocks
Folding No No No
Maintenance Regular Regular Regular
Max User Weight 350 lbs. 350 lbs. 400 lbs.
Activity Walking Walking Walking
Recommended Daily Use 6 Hours 6 Hours 9 Hours
Warranty Type Residential Residential Commercial
Intelli-Guard™ Yes Yes Yes
Intelli-Step™ Yes Yes Yes

Motor HP

LifeSpan office gym treadmills use a different type of motor than those found in traditional fitness treadmills. Our high torque motors generate 2-3 HP at a very low 2400 RPM, resulting in hours of daily usage without over-heating or causing excessive stress on the motor and electronics.

Recommended Daily Use

The daily-use rating is to be used as a guideline only. Consistently going over the daily rating will not cause the treadmill to fail, however, you may have to replace wear and tear components such as the belt and deck sooner than anticipated. These ratings are posted to give you an understanding of how each treadmill is positioned within the line in regard to the long-term durability and does not affect the manufacturer's warranty.

Standing Desk/Portable Console

DT3 (GlowUp):

If you already own a stand-up desk, want to build your own, or want to pair with a LifeSpan standing desk, the DT3 is the best option for you. The compact, portable bluetooth console sits on your desktop, putting you in full control of all the treadmill's functions without taking up valuable desk space.

DT5 (Classic):

The DT5 is a great standing desk if you don't anticipate on making frequent height adjustments. This desk includes padded armrests and a conveniently located console that doesn’t occupy any of the desk space.

DT7 (Power):

The DT7 is ideal for multi-user environments including communal and public areas. The desk includes the same padded armrests and integrated control console as the DT5 plus the addition of electric-height adjustment. Height adjustment buttons are conveniently located within the console and include memory presets for two users.

Omni-Hub (Omni-Desk):

The latest addition in active office equipment. Control your desk height and treadmill base together with a new easy-to-use desktop console. Available now in our sleek white frame option, which was frequently requested by our fans, the OmniDesk treadmill desk will look great in any home or office.

DT3 Portable Console Specs

Features DT3
Display Red LED
Buttons On/Start, Stop/Reset, Pre-Set Speed, Up/Down, Enter/Mode
USB Charging Port Yes
Intelli-Step Yes
Intelli-Guard Yes
Bluetooth Yes

Omni Hub Specs

Dimensions Omni-Hub:
3.5"D x 4.5"W x 5"H
Console Readouts Distance traveled, Speed, calories burned, walking step and time count
Power Button Conveniently power the treadmill on and off from the console
Preset Speed Preset treadmill speeds cannot be changed. The values for preset speeds are 1=.04 mph, P2=1.2 mph, and P3=2.0 mph
Personal settings Set your preferred maximum speed to either 2.0 or 4.0 MPH, silence beeps and alerts, resume previous speed, switch units of measure, and more
Intelli-Step Count your steps while you walk
Intelli-Guard Intelli-Guard automatically pauses the walking belt when you step off
Bluetooth Yes

Treadmill Standing Desk Comparison

DT5 (Classic) DT7 (Power)
Readouts Time, Steps, Calories, Distance, Speed Time, Steps, Calories, Distance, Speed
Display White LED White LED
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Buttons Power, Start, Stop, Pre-Set Speed, Change Display Power, Start, Stop, Pre-Set Speed, Up/Down, Change Display
Dimensions 38”/48” W x 29" D 38”/48”/60” W x 29" D
Desktop Height Adjustment 33.5" to 52.5" 27.5" to 50.5"
Height Adjustment Method Manual Electric
Desktop Material 1" Thick HD Composite Board 1" Thick HD Composite Board
Desktop Surface Durable Laminate Durable Laminate
Maximum Load on Desktop 180 LBS 180 LBS
Desk Lift Speed NA 38 mm/sec
Desk Height Memory NA 2 Pre-Sets
Warranty 2-Year Parts 2-Year Parts
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Armrest Yes Yes
Internal Cable Routing Yes Yes
USB Charging Port No No
Intelli-Step Yes Yes
Intelli-Guard Yes Yes


Integrated Step Counting

Our exclusive Intelli-Step™ is a great way to measure and track daily levels of physical activity by tracking each step you take automatically.


Walk confidently knowing your safety is assured with Intelli-Guard™. If you step away for more than twenty seconds and your treadmill's walking belt will automatically glide to a smooth stop, ensuring an accident-free environment.

Personal Settings

Tailor your treadmill desk to meet your needs. Set preferred maximum speed to either 2.0 or 4.0 MPH, silence beeps and alerts, resume previous speed, switch units of measure, and more.

Telescoping Frame

Supporting users of all heights, LifeSpan desks feature a telescoping leg system, essential for ergonomic heights during both standing and sitting. Dual, heavy-capacity motors efficiently lift loads up to 220 pounds, perfect for gently raising and lowering of your work area.

LifeSpan Workplace

Treadmill Desk

Walk at work with a LifeSpan treadmill workstation or under-desk treadmill and start gaining increasing your work productivity and health today.

Bike Desks

Start pedaling at your desk. Our product line ranges from electric and manual height adjustable desks to a bike that rolls under your existing standing desk.

Standing Desks

Complete your under-desk treadmill with an adjustable standing desk from LifeSpan. Desk height can easily be adjusted to create a sit-stand desk.