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TR4000i Folding Treadmill

TR4000i Folding Treadmill

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Designed to take your training as seriously as you do, the all-new TR4000i foldable treadmill is outfitted with an intelligent, full-color touchscreen display and performance-tuned components throughout. The spacious, 22" x 60" running surface is supported by 8 compression shocks, keeping you striding in comfort while reducing vibrations and sound. Plus, integrated Bluetooth makes it easy to listen to your favorite music.


Easy-to-Use Touchscreen

  • Full-Color Touch Display
  • Displays 3 Different Dashboards
  • Still Includes Console Buttons

Keep your fitness at your fingertips with 7” full-color touchscreen. The newly-revamped LifeSpan TR4000i features three unique dashboards (graph view, gauge view, and track view), graphically highlighting your results with the view of your choosing. Like all LifeSpan treadmills, the console is easy-to-use so you won’t lose your dedicated workout time to learning a new interface or sorting through endless program selections. Simply set the console and begin your workout. It’s that easy. Plus, the console still includes physical buttons so you can easily make adjustments to the speed and incline levels mid-run without reaching.

Choose Your Own Workout

  • 50+ Fitness-Inspiring Workouts
  • Built-In Bluetooth

With 50+ programs, including races, fitness tests, and customizable personal programs, along with multiple dashboard view options, this treadmill is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals.

A Foldable Treadmill That’s Built to Last

  • 3.25 HP Continuous-Duty
  • 13 Incline & 2 Decline Levels
  • Speeds Up to 12 mph

As durable as the open road itself, the treadmill's 3.25 hp continuous-duty motor takes all that you can give. Experience limitless potential with 13 levels of incline, 2 levels of decline, and speeds up to 12 mph. The heart of your product, we put only the highest-quality, longest-lasting motors into every treadmill we produce. Rest assured, you’re getting the strongest, most durable piece of technology available.

Sturdy, Quiet, & Spacious

  • 1” thick deck for reduced noise
  • Low-maintenance, 22” by 60” running belt

The robotically-welded, all-steel frame is engineered to simulate real-world conditions over miles of use, while the 22" by 60" running surface perfectly handles your favorite style of exercise. Combined, the sturdy 1” deck and 8 compression shocks reduce noise and absorb foot strike making your workout gentler on your knees, back and joints. The TR4000i foldable treadmill requires little assembly and maintenance so there’s no need to take time away from your training for treadmill upkeep.

Built-In Electronic Capabilities

  • Premium-Sound Bluetooth Speakers
  • USB Charging Port
  • Touch Sensor Heart Rate Monitoring

Whether you want to play your favorite podcast from your phone or watch the latest movie, the premium-sound, Bluetooth speakers will keep your run engaging. Plus, you can simultaneously charge your phone/tablet using the built-in USB charger so you don’t drain your battery life.

Push through your hardest hill climbs and challenging sprint intervals while staying on top of your heart rate. With the treadmill's heart sensors, you can check your heart rate throughout your workout so you can stay in your desired training zone.



  • Incline Ramp Levels
    13 Levels
  • Power Source
    Requires a 115V NEMA 5-15 Non GFI Circuit (Please do not plug into a GFI outlet or circuit as it may trip the breaker.)
  • Belt Size
    22" W x 60" L
  • Drive Motor
    3.25 HP Continuous Duty DC
  • Belt Type
    2.2mm Thick Belt
  • Incline Motor
    800 lbs. Maximum Lift
  • Rollers
    2.5" Front, 2" Rear
  • Speed
    0.5 - 12 MPH
  • Incline
    13 levels of incline, 2 levels of decline
  • Deck Suspension
    8 Independent Compression Shocks
  • Deck
    1" Phenolic
  • Folding System
  • Transport
    2 Front-mounted and 2 rear-mounted wheels for easy forward/backward mobility and storage.
  • Side Rails
    Non-Slip Plastic: Side rails provide balance and safety while starting and stopping the treadmill belt.
  • Dimensions

    Unfolded: 73" L x 34.5" W x 55.5" H
    Folded: 40.5" L x 34.5" W x 65.5" H

  • Step-Up Height
  • Product Weight
    239.5 lbs.
  • Max. User Weight
    350 lbs.
  • Safety Certifications
    FCC Certified
  • Shipping Dimensions
    Single Box: 79" L x 37" W x 16" H

Frame: 10 Years | Parts: 2 Years | Labor: 1 Year

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Equipment good/Delivery nightmare

The treadmill itself we love…paying for the white glove experience was a nightmare. The person they hired was not a great communicator and sat in a warehouse for 2 weeks

Michel J.
Mostly satisfying

The product seems extra sturdy, smooth and quiet. I only used it for a bit more than one month for rapid walk to increase cardiovascular health (no running though!)
It was easy to assemble. It is easy to fold but no that easy to move once folded because of its weight.
The Lifespan Club app is a bit erratic: Bluetooth connection fails from time to time without any apparent reason. Also only the summary data are transferred; the second screen with the HR profile of the exercise is always empty.

Anyhow I appreciate the fact that it is a simple product to use without all the top notch screens and connected features of other companies requiring monthly subscriptions.

Charles D.
Mostly Great - some nitpicks

This product is really good at performing the core functions of a treadmill, while the cons I have are mostly nitpicks but they do matter enough for me to knock it down a star

-Powerful, smooth motor
-Good range of incline (decline not so much at -2 degrees but it's enough)
-Nice amount of cushion
-Folds easily and the fold/unfold mechanism inspires confidence
-Easy to assemble

-Could use more customization in the performance readouts during workout
-Custom workouts are a pain in the neck to set up (you have to set up EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 20 segments), and are confusing about how long each segment will be depending on how long your workout is. Each segment's touch area is very small, so you will enter a segment wrong and have to fix it constantly. I gave up after several attempts.
-Bluetooth speaker disconnects randomly (I average about one disconnect per 30 minutes). Not sure if this is my phone or the treadmill, my first few workouts had no bluetooth drops, but now I get one almost every session (but never more than one so far)
-Doesn't synch with Samsung Health or some other popular tracking apps
-LifeSpan App: When synching post-workout data, it forces an attempt to log into a google account to synch with (which I don't want to do, I just want to synch with the LifeSpan app). Workaround is to tap anywhere and this will go away
-LifeSpan App: When synching post-workout data, asked me if I want to disconnect at the step where I select my device (I think it is trying to disconnect the speaker before synching, but if you hit "disconnect" it doesn't reconnect to synch - the workaround is to just hit "cancel" when it asks you if you want to disconnect the device, and it will synch properly)

Cate A.
We love this treadmill

We are very happy with this treadmill. It’s well built and sturdy. We’re really glad we spent the money for the wider belt and high quality machine.

Hi Cate,

Thank you for the amazing feedback. We are happy to have you in the LifeSpan family.


Jacob W.
Mostly good!

We have had our TR4000i for about a month now and it has mostly lived up to its expectations. Assembly was fairly straightforward. Definitely helpful to have two people working together. We did have to both tighten and center the belt, however this was easy to do.

The treadmill is easy to use and is comfortable to run on. We did have some pretty significant squeaking with foot strike that required some silicon lubricant to a few of the screws/bolts on the underside. Since doing that, it runs pretty quietly.

Screen displays standard metrics. Software isn’t anything flashy, which is fine. I do wish distance went beyond a single decimal point but whatever. One oddity is that if you have it in English units, it will display miles etc everywhere except the track screen where it will show your distance in km. Doesn’t make sense to me but whatever.

The only issue I have with the machine is that I rarely am able to get my Polar H10 heart rate monitor to pair. I’ve been successful once or twice, but most of the time the treadmill never sees it.

Overall it’s been a very solid machine and I am happy with the purchase. Can’t quite give it the perfect rating because of the HR monitor issues.