Are Treadmill Desk Good for You?

Over the years, there have been several questions and curiosity regarding if Treadmill Desk is good for you.  The fact of the matter is that treadmill desks actually have a great number of health benefits.  The benefits of using a treadmill desk are extensive and can greatly improve your quality both physically, mentally as well aesthetically.  In this article, we will cover 6 reasons why you should invest in one for yourself or someone else who needs it!

  1. Improved Posture

Imagine how good you would feel after a long day at work if your neck and back didn’t feel that pain after the long workday.  The treadmill desk has been able to solve this problem once and for all. Not only does it provide an effective way of reducing sedentary time, but also keeps us healthy by making sure that we're properly aligned while sitting down throughout each day. 

Try following these tips when using a treadmill desk:

  1. The head and neck are balanced and are in line with the torso. 
  2. Your elbows are close to the body and bent between 90 and 120 degrees.
  3. Top of the monitor is at or just eye level so that the user does not have to tilt the head up or bend the neck down to see the monitor. 
  4. Your shoulders are relaxed.
  5. Your wrists and hands are straight, in-line, and roughly parallel to the floor.
  6. Adequate room for keyboard and mouse. 
  1. Increased Energy 

Have you ever noticed that burst of energy you get after or while exercising? Fun fact, exercise boosts many areas of wellness because of an increase in endorphin levels! The Endorphin release contributes to the feeling of a “runner's high”. For example, it feels like you can keep going and going!  So having a treadmill desk can help you stand energized all day so you can skip the 3pm snooze and afternoon coffee. With a treadmill desk, there is no need for it! 

Looking for even an extra boost during the day? Here are 5 Foods that will also increase your energy that you can easily incorporate into your treadmill desk! 

  1. Blueberries
  2. Protein Balls
  3. Oranges
  4. Popcorn
  5. Nuts

Have some allergies? Check out these snacks!

  1. Improve Mood 

Along with boosting your energy, a treadmill desk can also help improve your mood! Regular exercise can help boost your mood and subsequently decrease anxiety through the brain's release of endorphins in our bodies. These natural painkillers reduce stress levels as well, leading us to feel less stressed out even when there is something weighing heavy on our minds or heart like work duties at home! Not only will you feel better mentally, but you will feel better physically, especially if you have fitness goals you are trying to meet. Feel good and look good with a treadmill desk! 

  1. Increase Creativity 

Have you ever noticed when your mind is racing with thoughts, it can be hard to keep track of where those stray ideas came from? Well, a Stanford study shows that people are 60 percent more creative while walking. The act of walking seems to boost your thinking power because it causes concentration and focus.

  1. Promotes Healthy Body Weight

Low-impact exercises are often the best choice for people who want to lose weight. Studies show that walking at a slow pace can burn more calories than high-intensity activities like running or biking, but it still requires energy and provides an overall calorie burn! That is why the Treadmill desk is the perfect solution for those who want to start off easy. The treadmill desk only goes to a speed of 4.0, which is a perfect maximum speed for anyone who wants a great workout while working. Start out easy so you don't get injured; then work up gradually over time until your body is used to this type of workout routine again.

  1. Increase Productivity

The ultimate multi-tasking tool, a walking desk is the best way to stay productive while on your treadmill. You can do endless things from editing documents, sending emails,  and participating in  Zoom meetings, all without having any trouble keeping up.

Research conducted by the University of Minnesota (UMN) and published in the journal Obesity analyzed the effects of walking on a treadmill throughout the workday. They concluded that the work performance of people who used a treadmill desk for a year didn't decline after a very brief, initial adjustment to the change. The study found that both overall employee productivity and health improved when employees exercised. The researchers also noticed an increase in mental performance, time management skills as well a boost to the work quality.


The health benefits of using a treadmill desk are extensive and can greatly improve your quality both physically, mentally as well aesthetically. There have been several questions about the effectiveness or safety of such desks over time but it turns out that they actually provide many advantages for those who use them including improved blood circulation due to walking all day long; more energy throughout each workday since you're not sitting down so much during meetings. Get your treadmill desk today!