Holiday Shopping Guide: The Top 5 Active Workstation Products for Every Lifestyle

The journey to a healthier lifestyle often involves the integration of technology and innovative products into our daily routines. The challenge many face is finding that perfect balance between activity and work or between routine and spontaneity. Thankfully, a myriad of products tailored to different personalities and lifestyles have emerged, making the path to a healthier life both accessible and enjoyable. Whether the person you're shopping for is someone who needs a gentle nudge towards better habits, a tech enthusiast, or someone looking for that New Year’s motivation, there's something tailored just for them. Let's delve into a few of these life-changing products.

Ultimate Workplace

standing desk

For the Person Who Needs a Little Push: Standing Desk 

Going from a completely sedentary lifestyle to an active one can make significant changes to one's health, but the transition is not easy. Building healthy habits, such as exercising regularly and eating healthy, takes time. Rushing straight into a healthy lifestyle from one that is opposite often results in frustration, with the person going back to their old habits.

That's why it can be beneficial to make small changes over time that eventually lead to a healthier lifestyle. Some examples include eating vegetarian or vegan meals a few times a week, cutting out sugary drinks, going on walks, or switching to a standing desk. A standing desk can promote a healthier lifestyle by raising energy levels throughout the day and reducing the risk of heart-related diseases. Standing desk users feel more energized throughout the day and more focused on their work. While using a standing desk doesn't lead to weight loss, it can be the first step toward a healthier lifestyle. 

ampera desk bike

For the Tech Enthusiast: Ampera Desk Bike 

For a gift that will please the tech enthusiast in your life, look no further than the Ampera Desk Bike. LifeSpan's latest active workstation, which is now on sale, is a gadgeteer's dream. The bike runs on the user's pedaling power and is capable of charging devices at a rate of up to 65W — users must maintain a steady 60 RPM pedaling speed to achieve the maximum output. The USB-C port is compatible with the PD fast charging standard, which can power compatible devices by up to 50% in as little as 30 minutes. A wireless Qi charger located near the seat post can also power devices at a rate of up to 15W. 

Besides being a self-sustainable device, the Ampera Bike packs myriad features, such as adjustable LED rings around the stems of the pedal arms, a comfortable seat with adjustable height, and a wide base that prevents the bike from tipping over. The built-in rear wheels make it easy to move out of the way. 

The Ampera Bike is also partially made from recycled materials; 30% of the bike is made from HIPS pellets. This is part of LifeSpan's larger eco-friendly initiative, which is continually evolving to lower the company's carbon footprint and offer customers a chance to make a positive impact on the environment as well. Our partnership with Greenspark has allowed us to plant a tree for every $300 we make in revenue. 

tr5000 glowup

For the Fitness Fanatic: TR5000-GlowUp

People who are constantly exercising spend a lot of time at the gym. There's nothing wrong with that, but it does take up a lot of a person's free time, which can prevent them from interacting with other hobbies or parts of their life. With a treadmill like the TR5000-GlowUp, which has a powerful 3.0 HP motor, it's possible to log a few miles a day and even work up a sweat. Though this treadmill doesn't reach speeds similar to a fitness-specific treadmill, it can still provide a decent workout in the middle of the day. This frees up a person's evening without them having to skip a workout, so it's a win-win situation. 

Gifts for That Special Someone in Your Life

c3 glowup

For the Cyclists: C3-GlowUp

Cycling in the morning, as the sun is still rising, is a great way to kick off the day. The endorphins released during a morning workout can improve a person's mood and energy levels. Still, there are those days when cycling is not possible. Whether it's cold, raining, or a late morning start, sometimes the bike has to be put on hold. On those days, an under-desk bike like the C3-GlowUp can be a great alternative. This under-desk bike has a small footprint and two rear wheels that make it easy to move around and put away. The C3-GlowUp is quiet and energy efficient but still delivers on performance, with up to 300 Watts of resistance. 

Included with the bike is a console of your choice, either the Omni or retro console, which can read out important metrics like distance traveled and calories burned. The bike is compatible with any standing desk, making it the ideal gift for someone who already owns a standing desk.

tr1000 power

For the New Year's Resolution Hopefuls: TR1000-Power

The wish to become a healthier, more active version of oneself is a common New Year's resolution. Though some people stick with their New Year's resolutions, studies show that 43% give up by the end of January. Some people simply can't make time to consistently work out, while others may give up after being disillusioned with their lack of weight loss after a few weeks. Whatever the case, the problem is that people put too much pressure on themselves to change, and that ruins the experience. Instead, it's better to make small, incremental adjustments that lead to bigger changes. 

Something like a TR-1000 Power standing desk and treadmill combination can help make small steps toward a healthier lifestyle by building healthy habits such as standing while they work and logging the daily recommended 10,000 steps. This removes some of the pressure of going to the gym and the guilt that comes from skipping the gym. One simply has to get on the treadmill every day and focus on their work; the health benefits will come in due time. 

unity bike desk for adults

For the Person Who Hates Standing: Unity Bike Desk for Adults

The $799 ($499 on sale) Unity Bike Desk is an all-in-one standing desk and bike combo perfect for those people in your life who can't stand the idea of, well, standing in place while they work. With this bike desk, users can sit as long as they want throughout the workday, and you can give them the opportunity to meet their fitness goals. This ensures that your loved ones are healthier, thereby extending their lifespan for many more years of wonderful Christmases. 

Unlike other bike or treadmill desk options we offer, the Unity Bike Desk is designed to be one piece. The desk height is manually adjustable, and the entire unit can be wheeled away for easy storage. Further, using the bike requires zero electricity. You can set it up anywhere. 

Budget Gift Ideas

yoga ball office chair

For the Person Who Needs a Small Push: Yoga Ball Office Chair

Sometimes, all a person needs is a small push. LifeSpan's Yoga Ball Office Chair is the ideal, low-budget gift to get started on building better, healthier work habits. The $69 ($49 on sale) yoga ball chair's exterior is made from comfortable and stylish wool felt that is great for all-day sitting. Using a yoga ball chair engages your core, keeps you moving while you work, and is a healthier alternative to sitting down. 

aero balance board

For the Avid Standing Desk User: Aero Balance Board

There are many people with standing desks. So what do you get them? In this case, an Aero Balance Board may be the ideal gift. The four rounded cushions on the balance board, which can be placed in several configurations, force the user to engage in active standing by rocking front to back or side to side. The balance board, which retails for $179.99 and can be found on sale for $129.99, can enhance the benefits of using a standing desk without breaking the bank.

desktop charging station

Desktop Charging Station

Priced at $69.99, the desktop charging station can clamp onto any desk to provide you with enough outlets to charge your laptop, phone, and tablet. The clamp features two power sockets, as well as a USB-A and USB-C port. The desktop charging station, which comes in either white or black, is an elegant solution for charging your devices.

cork coffee mug

Cork Coffee Mug

Whether you or the person you're shopping for prefers coffee or tea, the $24.99 LifeSpan cork bottom ceramic mug is a stylish vessel for hot drinks. The cork bottom allows the mug to be placed on any surface, ensuring it doesn't leave a stain behind. Included with the mug is a lid designed to keep drinks hot — you can move the heat-trapping tab to reveal the opening.

wooden tray

Wooden Catchall Tray

A clean desk is a sign of a focused mind. The $49 Oakywood catchall tray is a stylish addition to any desktop, with a size just big enough to hold several accessories. This catchall tray is a must-have desk accessory for when you need to empty out your pockets but don't want to make a mess on your desk. 

desk shelf

Desk Shelf and Dual Monitor Riser

A desk shelf can transform a desk by providing additional storage space and an elevated platform for your monitors. This $199 ($99 on sale) Oakywood desk shelf from LifeSpan can hold up to 220 pounds, making it possible to place up to two large monitors side-by-side. Aside from being functional, the desk shelf's stylish looks, which pair natural wood grain with powder-coated matte black legs, can elevate the aesthetic of any office setup. 

Holiday Gifts Fit for Healthy Lifestyles

If you're shopping for the holidays already, visit LifeSpan to take advantage of our amazing Black Friday deals. You'll save 40% on products from Black Friday until Cyber Monday. Sales are live, so shop now before products are gone! 

Whether you're gifting for a loved one or treating yourself, these options offer a unique blend of function, fun, and fitness, ensuring that the journey to a healthier you is both achievable and enjoyable.