Walking in a Working Wonderland: Staying Healthy While Working Remotely

Lounging on the banks of Sydney Harbor in Australia, one might not be able to imagine any other type of weather on the world’s largest island but its characteristically hot and humid climate. However, it has been known to snow in the Southernmost regions of the continent, leaving many tourists an opportunity to see another side of the Land Down Under. Thanks to its naturally warm weather, Australian winters have been known to have some of the most pleasant snowfalls in the world. 

Now, what does that have to do with working remotely, investing in office fitness equipment, and staying healthy? 

For many people visiting the South of Australia, snow is about as unexpected as it gets. Perhaps they’ve visited a dozen times and never seen a single snowflake. And yet, when the snow comes, they get a whole new experience that can either be a good one or a total vacation-ruiner. 

The same could be said for working from home. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, so many of us never dreamed of working from home because that ran counter to all the days and years we’d worked before. And now we get to work remotely every day. How will we take to it?

The Good and the Bad

Like snow in Australia, we’ve been presented with a new scenario — one with the potential to be as pleasant as ever. Working remotely certainly has its benefits; goodbye dangerous commutes! Goodbye uncomfortable office chairs! Goodbye waistbands! But working remotely also has its fair share of trials as well. Hello, weight gain. Hello, cramped space. Hello, kitchen office. 

As time has gone on, the real challenge of working from home has slowly presented itself: staying mentally and physically fit in spite of never having to leave the house. Just from an emotional standpoint, many workers have had to manage things they’ve not experienced before:

  • Loneliness
  • Isolation
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Increased appetite for grazing
  • Wandering thoughts

These are all things that we deal with on a daily basis, thanks to the unexpected snows in our career. Happily, with the utility of their famous walking desk, LifeSpan Fitness is aiming to help customers meet that challenge head-on, and win.

Taking Positive Steps Forward

In many ways, staying healthy is all a matter of activity and routine. Finding time to periodically get up and move is crucial to feeling good throughout the day, while carving out a doable routine will also alleviate much of the stress you might feel, mentally.

Here are a few tips to maintain good health while working remotely.

Try a Treadmill Desk

With the help of one of LifeSpan’s walking desks, the term “desk job” doesn’t have to carry the same depressing connotation that it has in the past. The combination of standing and walking while working comes with multiple benefits:

  • Increased focus and mental acuity
  • Improved cardiovascular and pulmonary health
  • More joy while working (yes, it’s actually fun!)
  • A longer lifespan

And just in case a walking desk doesn’t seem ideal, LifeSpan has also engineered the popular bike desk, as well. 

Sit (or Stand) Up Straight

How often do you think about your posture while working? No doubt, working in a different room or a different chair has caused some pain and discomfort in your body that you’re not used to, especially in your neck, back, and jaw. There are plenty of reasons to mind one’s posture that can directly contribute to their physical and mental health:

  • There has been a direct correlation between hunched posture and an increase in depression. The sadder you look, the sadder you feel.
  • Keeping your back straight will strengthen your core muscles and release endorphins into your brain, creating happy feelings.
  • Better posture means fewer headaches and less overall pain in your torso.

Naturally, the continued use of a treadmill desk will also do much to help your posture, as focusing on walking with a straight back will make it easier to maintain one while sitting.

Take Plenty of Breaks

It is a hallmark of the American workday to work straight through the day, barely pausing to have a lunch break. Meanwhile, elsewhere around the world, a premium is placed on taking frequent breaks or one long one during the middle of the day. Statistics show that working longer hours and taking fewer breaks doesn’t necessarily result in more productivity. Rather, it can do damage if maintained for a significant period of time.

  • Feel free to unplug during your breaks and do something completely different from work.
  • Take a midday nap if you can, or schedule a massage.
  • A short exercise break has been shown to increase output later in the day.

At LifeSpan, our goal is to make activity and work as natural a companionship as possible. By investing in office fitness equipment and taking time for yourself, you will not only become more mentally and physically healthy, but you will turn these unexpected “snows” into a  “working wonderland.”