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Large Training Room - The Solution to Boring Training Sessions

Our largest room to help improve your training and employee engagement. The Large Training Room space accommodates up to 15 people, using a mix of standing office desks, standing desk balance boards, and under-desk exercise bikes. Whether employees are standing, cycling, or balancing, the simple act of being active during a training session can impact employees' focus and level of participation. If you're tired of employees dozing off or losing focus during mandatory workplace safety training, a training room outfitted with height-adjustable standing desks could be the solution.

Giving employees the option to stand or cycle allows them to meet their fitness goals on company time. More importantly for employers, active employees are more focused, more energized, and more able to capture and remember information. This is true even with a modest amount of activity. Employees don't have to cycle like it's the Tour de France to receive the benefits of physical fitness. And when employees would rather not break a sweat, they have the option of using a balance board. Balance boards can be adjusted to make them more challenging.

The Large Training Room is designed with equipment elevation, allowing everyone to see what is going on. No employee will be questioning what your training was about. Watch your employee participant improve before your eyes with the Large Training Room Space.


Work Mode: Training, Engage

Capacity: 15 people

Minimum room size: 24' x 26'

Package Contents

Product SKU Quantity
Aero Balance Board AeroBalanceBoard 6
Unity Bike Desk Unity 6
48" Privacy Panel PS1000 5
38" Standing Desk SD938 5
Power Bike Desk C3DT7-48 4
Aero Balance Board Rack Airsoft Rack 1

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