New and Improved APP available on Apple and Google!

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Fit App

Take the guesswork out of fitness with the LifeSpan Fit App

Unlock your potential with analytics

The LifeSpan Fit App pairs with LifeSpan equipment to create an overall wellness system that incorporates cutting-edge hardware with in-depth analytics. Together, the app and the equipment can ensure employees get the most out of their in-office fitness, improving mood and morale across the company.

Download today:

More than just equipment

Burn Calories

7-8% more calories

Track Distance

See how far you've gone

Sync Your Data

Sync your data with Apple or Google Health

Reduce Carbon Footprint

With the Ampera, generate your own energy when you pedal

LifeSpan Workstations + Fit App:
Your Tools For Better Health and Wellness

LifeSpan active workstations and fitness equipment are cutting-edge and durable, with built-in features that maximize safety. Yet, the equipment has more to offer for those who use the compatible LifeSpan Fit App. This app unlocks the potential of LifeSpan equipment, allowing users to create a better training regimen that relies on accurate data.

Within the LifeSpan Fit App, users can track distance, steps walked, calories burned, and max heart rate, all of which can be synced with Google and Apple health apps. With in-depth workout data available, users can optimize their workouts and create efficient training plans to maximize their health.

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I connect the app with my
under-desk treadmill?

Download the LifeSpan Fit app on either Apple or Google Play store, create an account, and then start your LifeSpan machine up. The App should sync with your LifeSpan machine right away. If you have trouble, please contact our LifeSpan Support team at

What does the app do?

The LifeSpan Fit app tracks your workout performance, allows you to change your resistance, tracks your energy output, and creates weekly fitness report. It shows you time, calories, distance, energy generated, and more. If you have the LifeSpan Ampera, you can customize the color of your LED pedals. The app will also show you your heart rate zone and more achievements in detail.

Can I sync my data to Apple Health?

With users' permission, the LifeSpan FIt app can sync data and workout summaries to both Apple Health and Google Health.

What if I still have the old app, LifeSpan Club?

The LifeSpan Club app is no longer in use. We have created the LifeSpan Fit app to update and create a better experience for you so that you can track your fitness and personal goals.