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Standing Desk Options

Standing Desk 48

Glass Standing Desk

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Standing Desk 48

Standing Desk 48"

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Standing Desk 60

Standing Desk 60"

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Pairs Well With


Ampera Office Bike

Ampera was created in response to the rapidly evolving workspaces. As the boundaries between home and office become increasingly blurred each day, we believe the tools involved, should too, be adaptive and dynamic.

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GlowUp Treadmill Base

GlowUp Treadmill Base

Upgrade your standing desk with an under desk treadmill. Your work space just got its Glow-Up. Small and easy to store away when not in use, this under-desk treadmill base is ideal if you’ve already got a desk in your home or office.

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Yoga Ball Office Chair

Yoga Ball Office Chair

Stay active, even when you are sitting, with this perfect alternative to an office chair.

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Standing Desk Features

  • Automated Adjustable Height

    LifeSpan's standing desks are all height adjustable, and all but one are controlled via a small panel fixed to the desk. You can use the panel to make incremental changes to height, set height presets, and toggle a timer that reminds you to stand after a period of time. A height-adjustable standing desk from LifeSpan has a lift range of 27 inches, which can accommodate users of all heights.

  • Customizable

    LifeSpan standing desks come in a variety of colors ranging from natural wood colors like bamboo to more neutral shades such as powdercoat gray. Whichever color you choose, you can also customize the size of the desktop by selecting either a 48-inch or 60-inch desktop.

  • Large and Sturdy

    When you buy a LifeSpan desk, you can expect the best craftsmanship. These sturdy standing desks use a 1-inch thick HD composite board for the desktop, which can put up with just about anything. Lifespan standing desks also have a maximum weight of 275 pounds, which the heavy-capacity dual motors can handle with relative ease.

  • Ergonomic

    The LifeSpan Standing Desk is thoughtfully crafted to offer unparalleled support, ease, and efficiency all day long. Boasting ergonomic elements and adjustable configurations, this desk guarantees effective working conditions while emphasizing proper alignment, helping you reach your utmost potential and safeguarding your health.

Let's be honest - you're killing yourself by sitting at your desk

Take the first step with a LifeSpan Standing Desk Today!

back pain
Back Pain
heart attack
Heart Attack

Standing Desks

Standing desks are one of the first steps to stopping a sedentary lifestyle. The health benefits include reducing your risk of the cardiovascular device, reducing your risk of premature death, an increased metabolism, and an improved ability to regulate blood sugar. The best part is that all of these increase when you add an under desk treadmill!

Bureau debout

Bureau debout

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Découvrez le pouvoir transformateur du bureau debout LifeSpan. En intégrant du mouvement à votre journée, ce bureau innovant favorise une meilleure santé et une productivité accrue.

Bureau debout en verre SDG

Bureau debout en verre SDG

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Bureau debout en verre LifeSpan Fitness

electric height standing desk

Electric height Adjustable Standing Desks

There’s no question sitting for too long throughout your work day causes health concerns. In fact, numerous studies show sitting for too long can be as bad as obesity or smoking for your health. It also increases your chances of early death. It’s time to take a stand for your health at work. LifeSpan Fitness makes that easy with our standing desks.

Standing desks don’t just provide physical benefits. Studies show they also increase productivity. So, not only can you feel good about your physical health throughout your day. You also don’t have to worry about getting uncomfortable with our standing desks. Adjustable height features make it easy to settle into your standing desk. Whether you're working or enjoying a hobby - we've got the perfect height and design that will suit your specific needs.

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What is a Standing Desk?

It's all in the name. A standing desk is an easy and convenient way to improve your health and wellness while staying productive and getting work done. With a simple and adjustable design, standing desks allow you to comfortably write, read, or use your computer from a standing position. Studies show that by decreasing the amount of time you sit in a day, you can make dramatic improvements on your overall health.

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what is a standing desk
standing desk for work

Standing Desks Are the Perfect First Step

Take your office to the next level with a LifeSpan Fitness standing desk. You can customize your standing desk with frame colors and desktop finishes that will perfectly complement your existing office. Our standing desks are also only the first step. Once you get a taste of the productivity and activity standing desks provide throughout your work day, you’ll want to upgrade your Standing Desk by adding an Under Desk Treadmill, Bike, or balance board.

Join the movement today and improve your health and wellbeing while enhancing your productivity with the Lifespan Fitness Standing Desk adjustable height workstation.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Standing Desk Questions

Which Standing Desk Should I Get?

Whether you want a DIY or dedicated standing desk, you won't lack options. While a DIY standing desk is the most affordable option, it can't compare to the suite of features built into a standing desk like the ones made by LifeSpan. Our selection of standing desks, which can accommodate fitness equipment like treadmills and under-desk bikes, are a solid option at a competitive price….. Read more

What are the Health Benefits of a Standing Desk?

Standing, rather than sitting, at work can improve focus, increase energy levels, and help you feel better. When you stand for a significant portion of your workday, you can reduce the risk of obesity and heart disease. In addition, standing can reduce cholesterol, lower blood sugar, and help with lower back pain, an ailment that plagues many office workers. There is no downside to standing while you work….. Read more

How can I Transition from Sitting to Standing?

Choosing to live a healthier lifestyle is a big step in the right direction, yet it takes commitment to stick with it. Instead of diving into the deep end, it's best to take it slow. Start with standing more or using a treadmill or under-desk bike at work and gradually raise the bar as you notice your progress…. Read more

How To Manage Health at Work?

Standing while you work is just the first step toward a healthier lifestyle. While you should still spend a significant portion of your day not sitting, simply standing is not enough. In addition to standing, you'll get the most benefit by using something like a balance board, forcing you to engage your core and other muscles to stand straight….. Read more

How To Use a Standing Desk?

You don't need instructions to stand in front of a desk. It's simple, really. You raise the desk, stand in front of it, and you're done. Still, it's easy to misuse a standing desk, which can cause you to strain your back or slowly ruin your posture. If you want to learn about the best tips for proper standing desk ergonomics….. Read more

What's the Best Footwear for Standing Desks?

A comfortable pair of shoes is a good idea if you're spending a lot of time standing. Shoes with a cushioned insole, especially one made from cork or memory foam, can make standing for hours a much more pleasant experience. However, if you also plan on using a treadmill with your standing desk, it's best to look for shoes with cushioned outer soles and ankle support. While footwear aesthetics tend to be more important in an office setting, functionality is equally important if you do anything beyond sitting….. Read more

What are 5 Ways To Stay Fit While Working From Home?

Finding time to workout when you work from home sounds easy, but when your commute from the bedroom to your office is less than a minute, working out is often put on the back burner. If you can't find time during the day to be active, it may be beneficial to incorporate brief moments of physical activity throughout the day. Walking your dog, doing yoga, or getting a standing desk are a few ways you can meet your physical fitness goals while on company time….. Read more


Versatility for Your At-Home Workout

One of the most attractive benefits of standing desks is the versatility they offer. Standing at work is an excellent way to improve your productivity while reducing some of the health risks that arise from sitting too long.

But their adjustable height opens the doors to integrate additional workout equipment into your at-home or office workout station. With balance boards, treadmill desks, or under desk bikes, you can vary your workout routine to fit with your preferences.

Standing desks are the first step towards a healthy work environment. Avoid sitting and spice up your work day. Walk, bike, or work on your balance and core strength. The choice is yours with a standing desk and you it’s time to tailor your routine to your preferences.

Reduces the Risk of Obesity and Weight Gain

Studies have shown standing for an entire afternoon can potentially burn more than 170 calories. That means over the course of a week, you can potentially burn more than 1,000 extra calories. That’s without adding any additional fitness equipment to your office, such as a treadmill desk.

Lowered Blood Sugar Levels

High blood sugar levels are well-known to cause harm to your health. Luckily, standing desks can help curb the health risks associated with high blood sugar. A recent study found that standing for only three hours after eating lunch reduced blood sugar by 43%. Other researchfound sedentary time could double your risk of certain types of diabetes.

Lowered Risk of Heart Disease

Studies definitively show that sitting all day increases your chance of heart-disease-related death. Standing can decrease the risk by as much as half.

Dramatically Reduced Back and Pain

Sitting all day can easily lead to back and neck pain. With proper use of a standing desk, you can reduce your back pain significantly within only a few weeks. Additionally, you can achieve pain relief within a mere four weeks with a standing desk.

Boosted Productivity and Focus

Studies show that workers who use standing desks were both more comfortable and healthy at work. The results showed 88 percent of participants who received adjustable-height standing desks reported they were convenient while 65 percent reported increased productivity.

Take a Stand with LifeSpan Fitness Today

Isn’t it time you found a more productive, healthy way to work? Standing desks offer many benefits over the traditional seated-style desk. Not only can they lower your risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and reduce back pain, but using a standing desk can even boost your mood and make you more productive.

With our adjustable height workstation, you can set your standing desk up to perfectly fit your needs. Upgrade your standing desk with an under desk treadmill, bicycle, or balance board to further improve your health and wellness.

That’s not all standing desks offer. Yes, standing desks are a perfect first step to your at-home or office workout equipment. However, studies show that pairing a treadmill desk with your standing desk can improve your health at work even more. For example, treadmill desks can burn up to an extra 2,000 calories if you walk on them for only three hours per a day while at work. That’s three hours of increased oxygen to your brain, resulting in increased productivity.

If you’re worried about foot, back, and neck pain, then you should consider adding an under desk bike to your regimen. These low-impact exercise machines will help you burn calories and increase your productivity at work.

Want to learn more about our full line of office wellness and everyday fitness products?

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