Indoor Rowers

Dynamic gliding action. An impact-free experience. Outstanding exercise capabilities. LifeSpan Fitness offers rowing machines that make it easy to take your exercise habits to the next level. Achieve your fitness goals with a home rowing machine that’s both smooth and comfortable.

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Indoor Rowers

Choose between the RW1000 and AquaVitae Water Rower and see how our best home rowing machines can elevate your next full-body workout.


RW1000 Indoor Rower

easy to fold

Easy to fold for compact storage (34” L x 19” W x 64” H)

quiet system

Ultra-quiet drive system

magnetic resustance system

Magnetic resistance system with 5 levels of resistance

foam seating

Comfortable injected-foam seat

easy display

Easy-to-use display

rowing machine

AquaVitae Water Rower

full body workout

Designed for a full body workout

calorie burner

Burn an average of 600 calories/hour

low impact resistance

Low impact water-based resistance (less stress on your joints and tendons)


Fits in almost any space (23.5” wide x 32” deep)

built-in wheels

Built-in wheels for easy moving and storage

Why LifeSpan Fitness?

LifeSpan Fitness offers rowing machines that make it easy to take your exercise habits to the next level. Variable resistance settings and an intuitive yet simple display ensure a consistent workout that matches your current ability while supporting your goals for weight loss or muscle growth.

A rower provides low-impact cardio exercise that lets you push yourself without pounding on your joints. A convenient folding design and transport wheels make for easy storage and conserve space so you can relax in your home after completing a workout.

What Does a Rowing
Machine Do?

Workouts with a rowing machine offer the perfect balance between cardio and strength training. With an at-home rowing machine, you’ll find it easier than ever to get an effective full-body workout without spending time or money going to the gym. Adjustable resistance and pull difficulty ensure you can experience all the benefits of using a rowing machine without risking your back or stressing your knees and other joints.

lifespan rowing machine
Space-Efficient Design

Our rowing machines feature foldable functionality, so you don’t have to worry about your equipment taking up too much room. You won’t need tools to fold and store the machine, so you can get back to using your space as you normally would after your workout.

indoor rowing machine
Accessible Workouts that
Build Endurance

Both the RW1000 and AquaVitae Water Rower offer workouts for individuals of various ages, abilities, and fitness levels. Build your physique or burn calories, train at high-intensity, or stretch your muscles after work. Our rowing machines offer a range of health benefits that support all your health habits. Before your next workout, check out our target heart rate and weight loss calculator.

rowing machine benefits
Additional Benefits of Using
a Row Machine
  • Easy HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts
  • Improve your heart health and muscle strength
  • Low impact on joints
  • Easy to master workout techniques
  • Great alternative or addition to other home workout equipment,
  • including treadmills
  • Reach your fitness goals faster than ever
at home rowing machine
An Effective Full
Body Workout

It’s time to build upper body strength and endurance while striding towards optimal cardiovascular health. LifeSpan Fitness offers home rowing machines that simplify effective full-body workouts. Compact folding designs, variable intensity settings, and an easy-to-read display make our products ideal for your home, regardless of your current fitness levels. Aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase? 30-day returns are available for all rowing machine products.

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