LifeSpan Fitness has partnered with Bread and Splitit so that you have options when it comes to financing! Buy now, and pay later so that you can start your healthy lifestyle now!

Treadmill Desks starting at $38.86/mo. Enjoy a healthier life today, pay later.

With LifeSpan Fitness you've got options when it comes to financing.

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Katapult Financing + Lifespan financing

Lease to own

No hidden fees, no late fees or surprises.

Transparent lease payments - no credit required.

How does it work?

Apply by filling out a few questions by selecting the Katapult button on the check out page. You will have to verify your identity and payment information. Receive your answer instantly. No credit checks!

Once you are approved you can review and submit your order!

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I have more than one lease agreement at the same time?

Yes. Katapult offers customers additional approval amounts for being a great customer that can be used towards another lease purchase agreement.

Can I use the banking information I entered to make the first payment and recurring payments?

At this time you are not able to use banking information to make the first payment. You do have the ability to update your recurring payment method to your checking account information if you choose, after your Katapult lease has been processed, by logging into the customer portal or contacting Katapult’s customer service team.

Do I pay sales tax using Katapult?

Yes We charge and collect sales tax. Sales tax is added to all lease to own payments and buyouts.

Does Katapult accept down payments?

Katapult does not offer a “down payment” on our leases, but we are working on accepting a lease cost reduction payment. This feature is coming soon.

Does Katapult charge late fees?

No. Katapult does not charge late fees.

How do I cancel my order?

Please connect LifeSpan Fitness to cancel your order before it has shipped. Katapult will cancel your lease agreement once we receive the retailer’s confirmation that the order has been canceled. If you reach out after your product has been shipped, you will be charged a shipping fee.

If you want to cancel the lease purchase agreement after the product has been delivered to your home, you will need to reach out to the Katapult Customer Service Team to coordinate the return by calling 833- KATAPULT (528-2785) or via email to

Is a checking account required to apply?

No, a checking account is not required to apply for a Katapult lease. We may request it as additional information to process your application. You will not be charged to apply.

What are the advantages of a Katapult lease purchase agreement vs a loan (financing)?

Loans generally offer lower recurring payments than lease-purchase agreements, while lease-purchase agreements offer the flexibility of continuing to lease, buy, or return the product. Also, there is no danger of penalty interest (be that compounding or deferred) or loan acceleration with Katapult.

Loan: You can borrow money to buy something and you pay it back over time, plus interest.

Katapult lease-purchase agreement: You make the appropriate lease-purchase agreement payments on or before the due date for the use of your products. With each payment you may choose one of three options:

You can continue using the products by making the lease renewal payment in advance of the payment due date. 2. You can buy the products at any time. 3. You can return the products to Katapult with no further obligation, except for any past due balances and any restocking fees that may apply.

Progressive Leasing + Lifespan financing

Lease to own

No credit needed!

How does it work?

Apply by filling out a few questions by selecting the Progressive Leasing button "Apply Now". You will have to verify your identity and payment information. Receive an instant answer! Once you are approved you can submit your order!

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the Progressive lease-to-own program?

The lease-to-own program from Progressive Leasing lets you pay over time for the gear you want now. Progressive offers a simple lease program where you make payments over time. Once the payments are made in full, you own the gear. Lease-to-own program is provided by Prog Leasing, LLC.

How does this program work?

You can complete the lease application online, typically in under five minutes. Once approved, please call a LifeSpan Fitness representative at (877) 898-1970 or visit select stores to make your lease purchase. The Progressive Leasing program is not currently available online or in MN, NJ, VT, WI & WY. Not all applicants are approved.

What do I need to be eligible and to apply?

You must be 18 years or older (19 years or older in AL), and have a valid Social Security Number, routing and account numbers for an open and active checking account, and a credit or debit card (prepaid cards not accepted).

Does applying for a lease impact my credit score?

Applying for a lease with Progressive Leasing should not impact your FICO score; however, we do look at credit bureau reports, and this inquiry may appear on your credit report.

How much can I get approved for?

Approval amounts will vary. Progressive looks at several data points, including employment status and banking history. If it is determined that a Progressive Lease is a good fit, an approval and amount will be provided. The minimum lease amount must be at least $150.

Is there a processing fee for a Progressive lease?

There is no processing fee. Progressive charges an initial $79 payment when you sign the lease (payment varies in CA). This is your first payment and part of the total cost of the lease. If you are not approved, you will not be charged.