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  • Best Practices for using Active Workstations

Best Practices for using Active Workstations

Proven tips to maximize your Active Office

Measurable Success

Have you considered what you want to accomplish through adding active equipment to the workplace?

Perhaps you are seeking:

  • More active employees
  • WELL Certification
  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Become a destination workplace

If you are looking to achieve any of the above and more, then partnering with LifeSpan and our products starts with having a clear and defined goal. Once you have your goal, you can periodically evaluate and modify for the best results.


Flexible Placement

Get creative with workstation arrangements. Many room layouts work as places incorporate walking, pedaling, or standing.


Open Areas

Allows everyday activities to become engaged, productive experiences. Grouped standing or treadmill desks allow employees an alternative to sitting.

Privacy Pods

Provides an opportunity for personal or work-related privacy. Depending on the pod size, a standing desk, treadmill desk, or bike table could work well in this setting.


Individual Office

Gives workspaces a modern makeover that keeps employees moving. A standing desk offers flexibility to sit or stand and an under desk bike can replace an office chair.

Meeting Rooms

Creates a stimulating environment to discover new solutions. A quad of treadmill desks with two side by side facing two across is great for kicking off discussions.

LifeSpan Business Walking Meeting Room

Expert Tips

Enter a subheading

Consider the work mode needed throughout the day.

Engaging Placement

Have the units face toward the space instead of away and make sure to allow for ample room to step on and off the treadmill. Employees can feel self-conscious if they feel like they are being stared at from behind.


A Place to Think

Even though our treadmill desks are quiet when used , some employees can feel intimidated to use a treadmill desk if they think using it will cause disruption to nearby co-workers. A privacy pod ensures they can walk worry-free.


Easy Collaboration

Don’t put equipment in a room with four walls where visibility is entirely blocked. Treadmill desks and bike desks are used less frequently when employees can’t regularly see them.


Working Together

While Privacy Pods are always great for individual concentration, it is best to place treadmill desks next to each other for better work collaboration for employees working together.

The Right Balance

Encourage your employees to start with about 25 - 50% of the workday to include movement, and to be cautious not over do it, giving their bodies time to adjust. Within weeks their energy and stamina will increase to levels where moving most of the day will feel great.


Individual Choices

It’s important to allow employees to explore adding movement to their workday in the way that is best for each individual, but for someone who has never used a standing desk or a bike or treadmill desk, there are some ways to use the equipment that are natural fits with specific workday activities, such as walking on a treadmill desk while listening in during a conference call, or pedaling while responding to an email.


Focus & Problem Solving

Deep concentration activities such as writing a proposal or reporting might best be done best while standing on a balance board or sitting on a yoga ball office chair. This gives your employee the option to add movement into their day

Light & Medium Activity

Light to medium intensity activities such as participating on a conference call, reading and answering email, or making minor adjustments to spreadsheets and wordprocessing documents can be performed with ease while simultaneously walking or pedaling.


Motivate & Participate

Create a work culture that embraces wellness. Set up training to teach employee how to get the most out of the new treadmill and bike desks around the office. After all, this is an investment in health and productivity for the employer and the employee.

Hold a Competition

Employees are more likely to increase their activity in the workplace when they can engage with other employees and achieve benchmarks for success.


Communication is Key

Let employees know about the equipment and that it’s okay to use. Send an email or put up a poster near the equipment — just make sure employees know it’s there for them.


Executive Sponsorship & Leader Involvement

It’s no secret that any successful business starts at the top. Encourage company leadership to set the example for their departments and teams. Employees who see their CEO, boss or team leader using a treadmill desk or bike desk will understand that it’s okay for them to use it too.


Download the Guide

Download an Interactive copy here.

Business Support

If you need help getting started with LifeSpan’s Active Workstation, please reach out to us and we’ll help you customize a plan that is right for you and your organization’s needs.

Invest in Movement

Schedule a call with one of our Sale Representatives and start maximizing your employee productivity today!

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