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  • Workplace Movement - The Importance of Physical Activity and Health

  • Movement motivates. Introduce movement into your workplace by adding a LifeSpan Active Workstations,  like treadmill desks, bike desks, and under-desk bike pedals, and see how quickly motivation and office energy levels improve.

Workplace Movement - The Importance of Physical Activity and Health

Movement motivates. Introduce movement into your workplace by adding a LifeSpan Active Workstations,  like treadmill desks, bike desks, and under-desk bike pedals, and see how quickly motivation and office energy levels improve.

Movement is Money

It’s no secret that staying active has physiological and psychological benefits to the user, but what’s often overlooked is the direct and indirect employer financial benefits that can be achieved by reducing employee sedentary time. The effects of active workstations on your employee's cognitive, physical, and mental improvements can quickly be seen, and over time, and scaled up, the investments can pay back big dividends.

Whether it's an exercise bike for an office desk or a treadmill desk that your employees use, you'll notice a difference in productivity. And it doesn't have to be vigorous intensity activity either, brisk walking or cycling for 150 minutes a week is enough to get the full benefits of exercise. 

Even when employees aren't moving, there are fitness products that can make a big impact for office workers used to sitting all day. While standing desks, yoga ball office chairs, and balance boards may not burn many calories, they promote a healthier, more productive lifestyle by getting employees to stand or engage their core. It's recommended that employees stand anywhere between two to four hours a day, which can significantly reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even depression, according to this article.

Cognitive Intelligence

As soon as a person starts to move, changes begin to happen. Physical activity signals the body’s neurotransmitters to release an increase of chemicals serotonin, noradrenaline, and dopamine to the brain. These neurochemicals have an immediate and positive impact on cognitive functions such as motivation, memory recall, focus, attention, reasoning, and creative problem solving. And not just during activity, but even extending up to an hour after activity has stopped. Simply put, physical activity has a direct effect on cognitive performance and productivity, allowing your employees to think at their best.

physical activity and cognitive performance

of participants increased memory accuracy


of participants increased task efficiency


of participants increased work productivity

Increasing heart health in office

Physical Health

Increasing heart health can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease along with maintaining a healthy weight. Insulin action improves and lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes with daily movement. Low and medium-impact physical activities, such as walking, have long been known to reduce joint and back pain. In addition, and very relevant to employers, are the very quantifiable advantages in fighting WMSDs (work-related musculoskeletal disorders) of muscle, tendons, nerves, and neck tension. Throw in the benefits of higher energy levels along with improvements to the body’s immune system, and it’s easy to see how reduced absenteeism, fewer insurance claims, and fewer sick days can all have substantial bottom-line medical savings and increased profitability per employee.


Annual loss in the U.S. due to physical inactivity


Lower Non-HDL cholesterol after 6 months

Mental Well-Being

Even short breaks from sedentary work have been found to have positive effects on the psychological state among office workers. Releasing natural feel-good endorphins can enhance a sense of well-being and reduce anxiety, stress management, and symptoms of depression, causing a positive change in emotions. Engagement and confidence, resulting in higher quality in one’s work has also shown measured increases in studies. This improved individual mood can have an invaluable positive effect on team culture in the workplace. Think of the value of fewer disruptions and squabbles for the HR department to deal with. Positive employees are key to a productive and profitable team.

office mental well-being

improved overall mood and mental wellbeing


of participants found improved work satisfaction


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Customer Testimonials

“It’s not required for companies to do this, but it’s a great perk that makes me feel better personally and physically. I love it”

Event Manager, Zillow

“What makes it impactful is trying to get back to the culture of the organization.”

FitBit, Amy McDonough, VP

“ When you build a wellness culture, you have to do it from top leadership who support it, who walk the walk. But you also need support from a grassroot level.”

The Ohio State University

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