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L'OmniDesk est notre dernier ajout qui vous permet de contrôler à la fois la hauteur de votre bureau et la base de votre tapis roulant. Dotée d’une...

Treadmill desk starting as low as $28/mo for a limited time only!

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Don't let your work life drain you!

Experience the perfect fusion of productivity, fitness, bringing a whole new you to spend with your friends and family!

  • Increase Productivity

    65% of people with active workstations reported a increased in productivity

  • Time-Efficient

    Exercise and work at the same time

  • Better Health

    Lose 7-8% more calories with an active workstation

  • Customizable Experiance

    Adjust your height, speed, and fitness goals to tailor towards you

Customer Satisfaction and Safety are our Top Priorities!

Being the first to offer treadmills into office spaces, your safety and comfort is our top priority.
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LifeSpan Fitness is the Industry leader in office wellness.

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See what other people are saying:

Karen says:

Peoria, AZ
Senior Director of Instructional Design
38 years old

"This is my second desk in 12 years! I had one of the original models and it was a workhorse and never gave me issues. I sold it when I moved and thought I could live without it. I WAS WRONG! I bought the TR1000-Power Treadmill Desk and I am not disappointed. It is perfect!"

Lisa says:

Santa Ana, CA
Finance Industry
54 years old

"Why did I wait?! My hips feel better, my plantar fasciitis is not worse, and I have more energy when I go home! Honestly, I don’t know why I hesitated. It’s not unprofessional at all, people understand the need of being active"

Shawn says:

Phoenix, Arizona
62 years old

"There was an error in my order, which turned out to be the wrong desk frame, but after contracting customer service they resolved the issue to great satisfaction! The quality is excellent and so is the performance! The treadmill itself feels high quality and is well worth the price."

Suzanna says:

Saint Peters, MO
Counselor & Life Coach
43 years old

"It’s amazing how much this treadmill desk adds to your quality of life. It’s surprising how stable and quiet it is, and the speed is perfect if you’re on a headset and still need to have a clear conversation while walking. I had a few requests to change out my size order at the last minute, and to switch up the delivery method and all were handled beautifully."

People who ditched their chairs...

Walking With The Stars

Joanna Coles

Former Editor in Chief, Cosmopolitan

Jimmy Kimmel

Late Night Talk Show Host, NBC

Spencer Rascoff

Former CEO, Zillow

Victoria Beckham

Fashion Designer, Victoria

"The best part about a treadmill desk is noticing the miles fly by. Between the mental and physical stimulation, a day on a treadmill desk is anything but boring."

"A Quiet, Powerful, and Durable Machine"

"Encourages physical activity while working, is quiet, and has a stable desktop with adjustable height"

"You just feel more relaxed. Your body is busy walking and your brain can be busy being a brain."

6 Impact-Absorbing Shocks Dampen Walking Noise

Quiet operation lets you stay respectful of coworkers while you walk for miles each day without impacting productivity.

Sturdy Construction for every user!

Refined, contemporary design and long-lasting construction makes LifeSpan the perfect addition to your office space.

Intelli-Guard Safety Technology

Onboard Intelli-Step technology detects each foot step taken, keeping you aware of your daily step count

LifeSpan Treadmills Designed for your Natural Stride

Our Stride

You don't want your money to go towards a cheap, low-quality product that will break down on you in no time. With the recommended maintenance, LifeSpan Treadmills are built to last!

Easily slide an under desk treadmill under your existing standing desk or pair it with ours!

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