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Hybrid - The Best Solution for Hybrid Remote Work

As hybrid remote workplaces become more common, having a solution that accommodates and enhances remote collaboration is crucial to the function of a modern office. Introducing a better way to work together using the Hybrid Model: our hybrid office space is thoughtfully engineered and designed to keep you charged and connected while ensuring your workspace is active, organized, and clutter-free. Connect confidently and comfortably with everyone on your team, whether they are working from home or a satellite office across the world.

The Hybrid workplace is all about creating an environment conducive to hybrid collaboration. That means the layout of the room is centered around a large monitor. Surrounding the monitor are five height-adjustable standing desks placed in a semi-circle. Employees can stand or use a standing desk balance board, which engages the core as employees participate in meetings — balance boards can also be stored on the balance board rack when not in use to ensure the room remains tidy.

By standing, employees can remain alert, engaged, and energized, even throughout long meetings. Standing has been proven to make employees' lives healthier, increasing life expectancy and reducing the risk of ailments like high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. If health and fitness in the workplace is a top priority for your office, a Hybrid Space could be what your employees need to get the most out of a hybrid remote lifestyle.


Work Mode: Meeting, Training

Capacity: 5 people

Minimum room size: 17' x 24'

Package Contents

Product SKU Quantity
48" Privacy Panel PS1000 5
Aero Balance Board AeroBalanceBoard 5
Keystone Standing Desk SD93848 5
Aero Balance Board Rack Airsoft Rack 1

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