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  • LifeSpan is revolutionizing the workplace across all industries with its office workout equipment. From Silicon Valley tech giants to mass media companies, LifeSpan is impacting offices everywhere, increasing productivity and morale one treadmill and bike desk at a time.


LifeSpan is revolutionizing the workplace across all industries with its office workout equipment. From Silicon Valley tech giants to mass media companies, LifeSpan is impacting offices everywhere, increasing productivity and morale one treadmill and bike desk at a time.

Elite Companies Choose Movement

At the heart of any industry are the people that make it function. LifeSpan's modern office workstations are there to support, encourage, and excite your team through movement. With office exercise equipment that ranges from yoga ball office chairs to office treadmill desks, employees have an abundance of choice when it comes to workplace fitness.

Every workplace installation is unique, fine-tuned to the culture and goals of each setting. Office fitness solutions that work for one company may not work for another, but LifeSpan's selection of office-ready fitness solutions are configurable for any office scenario. Whether it's pods of standing treadmills desks or meeting rooms with pedal bike tables, there's a LifeSpan product that can transform a boring office space into a fitness-ready work environment.

Find powerful inspiration and insights through the successes of companies who have taken the next step in productive wellness.

Small Business

There is no better way to nurture any growing businesses’ greatest asset than through physical and mental wellbeing. Office activity enhances culture and inspires enterprise-grade productivity, all without taking you away from the task at hand. Small businesses are using movement to create productive, energized environments.

Medium Business

The next step for mid-sized companies is often literal. Adding unobtrusive, cost-effective exercise to professional areas is beneficial to both employee wellness and the bottom line. Medium-sized companies are using Workplace to encourage new creativity and accelerated production.

Large Business

In the war for competitive advantage, attracting and retaining top talent has never been more critical. By creating employee-centric, energy-inspiring work environments, the world’s leading companies are acquiring the best employees, maximizing their efficiency, and reaping the fiscal rewards.

Retail Goods
Mass Media


The king of analytics, Google developed the People & Innovation Lab to conduct research and development within its own HR department. The result? The weaving of active working into nearly all Google offices, displaying a complete dedication to employee-friendly, health-inspiring workplaces.

According to Salesforce, employees do their best work when they’re nourished, energized, and refreshed. To enhance wellness and job performance, standing desks and treadmill desks are a staple across the group’s numerous offices. With a focus on employee wellness, it’s no surprise that Sales Force has hit the Top 100 Best Places to Work list for over a decade.

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Retail Goods

Dozens of Fortune 500 companies save money in terms of medical costs and absenteeism by participating in Fitbit Wellness. Fitbit uses the nudge of their own activity trackers, providing movement-inspiring spaces for employees to enhance their health without distracting them from work-specific productivity.

“What makes it impactful is tying it back to the culture of the organization”

Amy McDonough, VP, Fitbit Wellness

Cummins may be nearly 100 years old, but the company is anything but dated. Since introducing the Cummins Collaborative Workplace, the heavy-equipment manufacturer kicked their cubicles to the curb in favor of brightly lit, open work areas. The company is dedicated to height-adjustable desks, inviting hot-desk areas, and meeting spaces employees can use whenever they need them.

"Turned around what was really an undesirable area. The old model really wasn't working out."

Vanessa E. Cunningham, Cummins Workplace Planning Leader

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As the founder of Huffington Post, and founder and CEO of Thrive Global, and author of 15 books, Arianna Huffington is quite aware of the value of personal health and the direct effect it has on personal performance. She makes sure her employees are well cared for and doing their best work by incorporating standing desks and treadmill desks in her offices.

“...well-being and productivity, are not on opposite sides ...They’re on the same side, and rise in tandem.”

Arianna Huffington, CEO Thrive Global

Hearst is no stranger to wellness, exploring health-related topics across their 50+ media channels. The publisher takes its research to heart, proactively attempting to help employees work, eat, and live healthier, more-balanced lives. From the top-down, Hearst inspires professional spaces that actively promote fitness, nutrition, and mental wellness.

“The action of walking helps me think better.”

Joanna Coles, Chief Content Editor, Hearst

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EY endears itself to employees, and bottom line, but putting its people first. Workers laud the company’s culture of “work when and where you want”, EY inspires a global culture of health, encouraging employees to access “on the go” medical treatment options, including online video conference consultations, diagnosis, treatment, and prescriptions.

Zillow has a self-proclaimed Treadmill Desk Lifestyle. Employees conduct one-on-one meetings, jump on conference calls, respond to emails, or walk off their catered lunches in designated treadmill desk rooms. Glassdoor has bought in, designating them a 2016 top-10 best company to work for.

“It’s not required for companies to do this, but it’s a great perk that makes me feel better personally and physically. I love it.”

Jenny Hoefel, Event Manager, Zillow

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The Mayo Clinic is described as a “place of hope”. The nonprofit medical center provides exceptional care to patients and employees alike, creating social, positive atmospheres. With physical activity combatting up to 80% of all preventable disease, the clinic provides spaces for invigorating, productive workplace movement.

For OSU, it’s working. Greatest named the Buckeyes a Top-10 Healthiest University in America in 2016. Green, LEED-certified buildings house healthy, active spaces, letting students and faculty operate at peak proficiency.

“When you build a wellness culture, you have to do it from top leadership who support it, who walk the walk. But you also need support from a grassroots level.”

Dr. Melnyk, Dean, College of Nursing, Ohio State University

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Stressed and sedentary, 911 dispatchers are typically tied to their desks for most of their shifts. Recognizing the little time allotted for dispatchers to physically or emotionally recover from the rigors of their duties, Greenfield, IN county officials purchased active desks for their life-saving employees.

Now outfitted with treadmill desks and bike desks, the staff now stays energized and focused while averaging more than 130 miles a week

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