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Vélo couché R5i

$2,921.90 Épuisé

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Le vélo couché stationnaire R5i est une excellente combinaison de confort et de durabilité, avec la qualité nécessaire pour une utilisation domestique et commerciale. Le R5i vous permet d'effectuer vos entraînements en tout confort grâce à l'assise moulée surdimensionnée, au dossier ventilé et au soutien lombaire supplémentaire. Le siège comprend également des accoudoirs complets avec capteurs de fréquence cardiaque intégrés, afin que vous puissiez surveiller votre fréquence cardiaque en permanence tout au long de votre entraînement sans avoir besoin de bouger vos mains ou de porter une ceinture pectorale. De plus, ce vélo d'exercice autogénéré produit sa propre énergie, ce qui le rend à la fois écologique et pratique, de sorte que vous pouvez facilement déplacer le vélo sans vous soucier du câblage ou de le placer à proximité d'une prise de courant.

Commencez à évoluer vers une meilleure santé avec le vélo d'exercice stationnaire R5i de LifeSpan.


Ergonomically Tuned for Comfort

  • Oversized, Molded-Foam Seat Cushion
  • Flexible, Breathable Backrest
  • Molded Armrests with Integrated Heart Rate Sensors

To give you the best workout, an exercise bike needs to fit each rider properly. Where the bike needs to allow for enough range of motion in the seat, accommodating you whether short or tall. To accomplish this, we've designed the R5i with an adjustable back rest to allow for proper ergonomic positioning and added chair-style armrests to support your arms, even while you're checking your heart rate, eliminating any stress on the neck and shoulders. Plus, the office-chair-style armrests and adjustable seat back are perfect if you experience low-back pain. No matter your size or sitting preferences, the R5i can be adjusted to your perfect fit.


  • Self-Generating Power System
  • Transport Wheels for Easy Mobility

Unlike most exercise bikes, the R5i has an integrated self-generating power system providing power to all the bike’s electronics, so there's no power cords or batteries needing to be replaced every couple of months. The lack of a power cord also makes the bike easier to move around. Simply lift the back-end of the bike and it's ready to roll on its transport wheels. And once you are ready to ride, the R5i stationary exercise cycle delivers smooth and quiet pedaling – even when you’re pushing yourself during a hill climb or interval program.

Exercise Programs For Every Ambition

  • 34 Exercise Programs
  • 4 Heart Rate Training Programs
  • 2 Custom User Programs

Great for all levels of fitness and age groups, the R5i stationary exercise cycle includes a wide selection of easy-to-navigate exercise programs designed specifically to help you meet your health and fitness goals. These programs are grouped for Weight Loss, Sports Training and Active Living. Also included are two types of heart rate training programs; Interval Heart Rate and Constant Heart Rate. And If you happen to want a program that doesn’t come standard, you can set up your own custom program with one of the two Customer User Program options. Whether you are looking to lose weight, enhance your cardio fitness level, or are simply looking to add some activity into your day, the R5i fits your needs.

LifeSpan Club App

Meet our new app, LifeSpan Club! It was created to help you reach your fitness goals. Simply connect the data from your R5i to the app through Bluetooth. The app tracks exercise minutes, calories burned or distance traveled so you can see your progress after each workout.



  • Transport
    2 Front-Mounted Wheels for Easy Mobility and Storage
  • Dimensions
    70" L x 27.5" W x 44.5" H
  • Max. User Weight
    400 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions
    Single Box: 67" L x 15" W x 24" H

Frame: 10 Years | Parts: 2 Years | Labor: 1 Year

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Darrell H.
Love our R5i!

Love our R5i recumbent bike. Though it tells us our walking 5 days a week isn't enough. The recumbent bike really shows us another way to build up our leg muscles so we can walk further in the same amount of time.
And I love riding the bike. It gives me alone time to listen to the many podcasts I like.

Thank you Darrell for you wonderful review! We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying your R5i! It's alway nice to get some alone time to recharge!

Charles G.
Delivers everything we expected. Plus,

Delivers everything we expected. Plus, I need the backrest which was one of the determining requirements. The staff and others were very knowledgeable, friendly and very customer focused

Thank you for your review! Enjoy your recumbent bike.

michael b.

the wires from the panel slipped thru the column and were tic tic ticking on the flywheel. i tied them away so no tic but now a squeak that comes and goes. i'm going to ride a while to see if it gets better or worse. probably can't find it until it is consistent. any suggestions? send a mechanic.

Try tightening the bolt holding on each crank arm REALLY tightly. This should help. If you have questions please call our technical support team at 801-973-9993 ext. 4 for further assistance.

Jay K.
Overall, I do like the

Overall, I do like the bike. I like the various workout options it offers and the quietness of the bike. I would add an 'avg speed' to the display as a future enhancement. However, I do find the seat somewhat uncomfortable....the depth of the seat pan mostly. I think it is to large, and to hard. The hardness is less of a factor, and could be a non issue if I was able to shorten the distance between the back and the seat. Additionally, the arm rests could be improved if they could be adjusted forward and back. I find my entire hand hanging over the front edge versus resting entirely on the arm. A much bigger issue when my wife uses it.

Sorry to hear this. We appreciate your feedback!

jordi v.
it was ok not that

it was ok not that big or sturdy Ok.

Sorry to hear that. Thank you for your feedback.