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Chaise de bureau avec boule de yoga

Chaise de bureau avec boule de yoga

Style: Laine en feutre de charbon de bois - 25"

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Style: Laine en feutre de charbon de bois - 25"


Permettez-nous de vous présenter notre dernier ajout : le fauteuil ballon de yoga ! Si vous cherchez une pause après avoir marché sur votre tapis roulant et que vous voulez quelque chose qui engage votre cœur en position assise, c'est exactement ce dont vous avez besoin ! Il engage votre cœur lorsque vous êtes assis et n'endommagera pas votre tapis roulant comme le font ces chaises roulantes.

Que vous utilisiez notre chaise de bureau avec ballon de yoga toute la journée ou que vous alliez et veniez en marchant sur votre bureau sur tapis roulant, elle constitue le complément parfait à n'importe quel poste de travail.

La balle de yoga est un accessoire élégant, amusant et confortable qui possède de nombreuses fonctions. Le tissu doux rend l'assise confortable et empêche de glisser pendant que vous effectuez des exercices comme des étirements ou d'autres activités de fitness. Le fauteuil ballon de yoga ne se contente pas de tonifier vos muscles, il rend le renforcement de votre corps confortable et productif !

Variation de taille pour s'adapter au mieux à votre taille :

  • 25" est idéal pour toute hauteur inférieure à 6'
  • 30" conviendra mieux à une hauteur supérieure à 6'

Restez actif, même lorsque vous êtes assis, avec cette alternative parfaite à une chaise de bureau.


Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

Stimulates Movement: Keep Moving during your sit-down breaks!

Active Sitting Engages Core Muscles

Encourages Correct Sitting Position Helps Keep Mind Active

Multifunctional: Use it in your office or home-gym

Easier to Move than a stool or an office chair

Anti Slip bottom

Sturdy Fabric. Dotted Non-slip Rubber.


Lifespan Fitness’s yoga ball office chair is ideal for achieving a more productive workday. It comes with everything you need!

High Quality Wool Felt Cover

High quality wool felt cover

  • Easy to put on and take off to clean
  • Adds warmth into the room and fit into most interior design

Handle on the Lifespan Fitness Yoga Ball

LifeSpan Logo Stitching on the handle

  • Our Yoga Ball comes with an attached handle that allows for easy transportation, whether its in a different room, or up the stairs! This handle makes moving your Yoga Ball easy!

The chair is customizable, being just the right firmness or softness


  • Use the inflator to pump it to your preferred comfort level. Want it a bit softer? Simply deflate it a little.


  • Gross Weight
    7 lbs
  • Dimensions
  • Max. User Weight
    400 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best yoga ball ever!!!

Loooove the yoga ball. The cover is thick and solid and adds to sturdy comfort when sitting on it. Love love love the handle on the cover for easy movement.

Robin O.
Additional Happiness in my work day

I bought the LifeSpan TR1200 treadmill and adding this was a game changer. I can walk on my treadmill and easily switch to my ball chair. It is so comfortable I almost hate to go back to my regular chair. I don’t have to move my treadmill when I need a break. I highly recommend.

Hi Robin,

Thank you for the amazing feedback. We are happy to have you in the LifeSpan family.


Game changer

After a couple of months of switching from an ergonomic office chair to a yoga ball, I can confidently say that this is a game changer. It significantly has decreased lower back pain. Two points of advice - Try to incorporate some ab workouts (nothing crazy) so that it's a little easier to adjust to, and use a bike pump with an inflation cone to properly inflate it. Also, sit on the yoga ball moreso centered underneath your thighs rather than your sitbones. I actually tried switching back to my office chair for a weekend again out of curiosity and could feel the lower back pain return instantly.

Hi Magda,

Thank you for the amazing feedback. We are happy to have you in the LifeSpan family.


Isaac A.
A great alternative seating option for home office

I was fortunate to get this yoga ball as a free add-on with a recent purchase of a TR-1200 treadmill with adjustable desk. I use this yoga ball as an office chair, and I find it allows me to activate my core and get more mobility in my lower back where I often have pain. The materials and quality seem very good, and it was easy to set up. This is a great addition to any home office, and I'd definitely recommend adding it if you're getting a treadmill (especially if it's included in your package.)

Hi Isaac, We are so glad to hear you're enjoying your Yoga Ball! It's an easy way to add movement to your workday. Thank you for your review. Warm Regards, LifeSpan Fitness